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Life Insurance in Virginia

The investment in life insurance in Virginia can be a very good decision for most people as it allows them to build a life insurance policy that provides enough protection for their family. If you are looking for cheap life insurance, term life insurance in Virginia may be one of the best options to take if you are older, or consider a whole life policy if you are younger. When you use our tools here, you get unbiased help as you compare life insurance plans in Virginia.

Virginia Life Insurance Quotes

Virginia life insurance quotes can be the most important tool for you to have to learn how much coverage you can afford and the type of policy right for you. Unlike other forms of insurance, life insurance rates in Virginia are very much based on your specific lifestyle and needs. That makes it hard to get accurate quotes. You can use a life insurance calculator, but using our smart wizard is a better option. It lets you learn how to get the best rates for life insurance in Virginia by comparing policies available based on your needs. Enter your zip code here to see how it works.

Life Insurance Companies in Virginia

With dozens of life insurance companies in Virginia available to you, it can be very difficult for you to get quotes from each one. Keep in mind that the quotes you find easily online are those that insurers are paying a lot of money to put in front of you. They rarely are the best price or coverage for your needs.

You can afford life insurance in many cases. Companies do not always make it easy to know what it takes to get lower rates either. For example, did you know that if you are a married couple, and you both plan to buy life insurance, you’ll save money? And, in Virginia, 52.9 percent of the population is married and meets this goal.

How to Get the Best Rates for Life Insurance in Virginia


How do you get life insurance quotes, then, to find out how much it will cost you? There are several options. First, you can contact each one of the life insurance companies, request a quote, go through the screening, and get started. You can also work with a life insurance agent to get quotes, but they may not offer quotes for all companies. Or, you can use our smart wizard. Enter your zip code in the box here, and then you’ll get access to quotes that meet your needs.


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How Are Life Insurance Rates Calculated in Virginia?

What factors impact what you pay? Life insurance companies use many factors to make decisions about costs. Most of the time, this relates to risk. If you are more likely to die as a result of these factors, your costs are going to be higher. In Virginia, these are key factors to consider.


In Virginia, 14 percent of the population is slightly older, in the range of 45 to 54. It’s hard to buy life insurance at this time at lower rates. However, 13.9 percent of the population is 25 to 34. That is the ideal time to buy for the lowest costs.


Did you know that women live longer? Men also engage in riskier lifestyles. In Virginia, 50.83 percent of the population is female. And, those women may qualify for more affordable life insurance than men.

Weight and Health Background

Your health will be a big factor in your costs. However, if you’ve been diagnosed with a condition like diabetes, which 10.5 percent of the adult population had in 2017 in Virginia, or you are obese, such as 30.1 percent of the adult population, your costs are going to be higher.

Job and Profession

The largest industries for jobs in Virginia include government work, business, and technology – all low-risk jobs. If you work in construction, transportation, or on the ocean, your costs for life insurance are higher because these are risky jobs in Virginia.


Do you use tobacco products? Perhaps you like to spend a lot of time engaging in other reckless behavior. In 2016, for every 100,000 people who died, 8 of them died in an alcohol-related event, and 17.2 died in a drug-related event. If you fall into this high risk category, your costs will be higher.

Criminal Record

Anyone with a criminal record will likely pay more for life insurance in Virginia. While the crime rate is moderate to high here, any instance in which you were involved in violent crime will increase your costs for life insurance in Virginia.

Life Insurance Policy in Virginia - Compare the Best Plans

Now, consider the types of life insurance available in Virginia. Which one fills your needs?

Term Life Insurance

If you want a lower costing policy that stays in place for a set number of years, such as when you have a mortgage or dependents, term life insurance is ideal. It would pay a lump sum of money to your loved ones if you died during that time.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is ideal for those who are younger in Virginia. It can help you maintain a lower costing policy throughout your lifetime.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life is like a whole life insurance policy in that it remains in place long term. However, it may also include investments, which can pay you dividends during your lifetime.

Family Life Insurance

Some people, such as married couples, can buy family life insurance. It is a type of bundling of life insurance that keeps your costs low overall.

Group Life Insurance

Your employer may offer group life insurance. Some professional organizations and religious organizations do, too. These policies are often limited in how much they provide. However, they are good for those with limited access to other life insurance policies in Virginia because of health factors or age.

Life Insurance for Kids

Insuring your kids is an option in Virginia. You may want to take on this low-cost life insurance policy to cover the worst possible events.


To make it possible for you to get a lower-costing life insurance policy, use’s smart matching algorithm. Just enter your zip code and a few bits of information here. We’ll provide a full list of policies that match your needs without any bias.


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