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Join Millions of People Saving:

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Life Insurance Is Important! But Why Now?

We all have loved ones around us that might be depending on us for financial assistance. Whether it be the obvious like our kids and our spouse, to anyone from our close family from parents and siblings to nephews and aunts.

If you have people you care about and that you are worried about their financial sustainability without your support, then you should seriously consider getting life insurance to make sure that the ones you care about are taken care of.

With the right life insurance policy, you can be confident that all needs regarding your final expenses and the rest of your family’s needs from weddings to proper education will remain secure within the boundaries of your insurance. **

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Choosing The Best Life Insurance For You Makes For Less Expenses And More Value

When buying the right life insurance policy, the first thing you need to understand is the different types of insurance policies. We believe it is important to present you with information about the most common types of life insurance policies. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the differences between them so you can choose the one the suits your needs.
Term life insurance Whole life insurance Compare life insurance quotes
You should consider buying any one of the many types of life insurance ranging from the broadest and general needs to the most specific circumstances and conditions.

Compare And Decide, For Your Peace Of Mind.

After coming to the conclusion that it is important and responsible to buy a good life insurance policy, you are now left with the choice.

In order to make your decision as knowledgeable and accurate as possible, we will match you with insurance options that fit your specific needs while keeping the highest value to you and your family at the most affordable price.

Here at Pretected we know how much you care for your family’s future, and we want to help you make the best decisions to secure their financial needs.

What Makes Pretected Different?

Most insurance comparison sites don't even take into consideration all of the valuable information you input online. All they end up doing is selling your contact details to the highest bidder regardless of the end result. We believe that is a complete waste of time and even more so a betrayal of confidence. If you have enough faith in Pretected to provide us with your personal information, the least we should do is guarantee a valid service, and we do so much more!

What Do We Do?

Our proprietary “smart matching” system collects thousands of data points from every connection made through our online platform and learns the compatibility level between every consumer and its possible future insurer.

Bearing in mind that each client is unique, our technology differentiates between over 50 data points creating a clear, singular client profile. The client profile data assets range between information donated by the user itself to information generated from public sources (statistical analytics).

We then match the consumer with the most compatible insurance options to make sure we maintain value and affordability.

Bottom Line:

If a policy is not good for the customer or he can't save money with it, we don't show it. Our software learns the significance of patterns and is able to foresee repetition and turn it into prediction. We get the right policy for each individual consumer. The high level of precision used to link each customer with its desired insurance policy serves the specific needs of both sides. In plain English… it's a WIN-WIN!
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