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Get insurance quotes online

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Connecting thousands of Americans to their right policies on a daily basis. That is all we do. We give you the right information to help you make the right choices. It works.

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Pronounced: [ pri-tek-ted ]

Verb (past tense)
Present tense: Pretect

Action taken prior to threatening or dangerous events in order to keep safe from possible injury, damage or loss. Whereas protect is a form of present-tense action (#TooLate), 'Pretect' denotes steps taken in advance of the need for protection.
“I don’t mind Jamie borrowing my car, I pretected it two months ago” ; “I pretected my house After I saw that movie, long before the weather changed”
Synonyms: keep from harm, save, safeguard, preserve, defend, shield, cushion, shelter, secure, fortify, guard, watch over, look after, take care of.