How to Prevent Hood Ornament Theft

Learn how to protect your hood ornaments, especially those from antique cars, and what to do if your luxury vehicle car hood ornament is stolen. Find out if your car insurance company will cover theft of your car hood ornament and how to prevent hood ornament theft from happening.

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How to Prevent Hood Ornament Theft

Preventing hood ornament theft may seem like a never-ending challenge. It’s hard to realize that the vehicle emblem or hood ornament on your car is so valuable that others would steal it. Yet, you can do something about it. Consider a few simple things you can do to avoid this type of theft from occurring to you.

Know the Risk to Hood Ornaments

Hood ornaments are small attachments placed on top of the hood of a vehicle. They provide an ability for the vehicle owner to proudly showcase his or her favorite model of car. If you own a Rolls Royce, for example, you may want to ensure the hood ornament remains present to showcase that purchase. Vehicles from the 1920s on, through the 1950s, typically had these. Today, the most common vehicles to have them are high end and rare. However, people still want to own them.

If your vehicle has a hood ornament of any type, it is a good idea to take steps to protect it. It is not uncommon for any brand of ornament to be stolen if it is easily accessible as well as easy to remove. Some even incorporate gold or silver into them, making them an attractive way for thieves to profit from them. There is a strong resale market for hood ornaments and vehicle emblems.

How to Protect Antique Cars and Their Hood Ornaments

If you have an antique car, including those from the 1930s and later, it is important to take steps to protect your hood ornaments. These are some of the rarest of features for vehicles and, therefore, if they are easily accessible, they will be stolen. If you plan to drive the vehicle around, be sure to store the hood ornament in the trunk or the glove box whenever you need to leave the vehicle in a parking lot. You also want to park the vehicle away from others simply to minimize damage to it. You can also protect antique car hood ornaments by simply leaving them at home. Bring them out for the car shows you plan to go to, but otherwise, keep them safe and out of harm’s way.

Luxury Vehicle Brands Let You Remove the Ornament

Some luxury vehicle brands have removable hood ornaments. There are some companies that manufacture fake or reproduction pieces as well. If you have a luxury brand, such as a Mercedes or Rolls Royce that features a hood ornament, try to remove it. Some have been secured in place by nothing more than magnetic or a simple turn of the wrist.

To protect these, follow the same tips noted. Remove the piece and store it either with you or in the trunk of your car if you are not there to monitor it. It is not possible to glue or otherwise affix these pieces to the car without doing damage or altering the value of that vehicle. For that reason, most owners typically do not want to try to permanently attach the ornament. This could risk damaging the ornament as well as the actual vehicle’s hood.

Protect Classic Car Emblems with Proper Vehicle Storage

Perhaps the best way to protect classic car emblems, features, hood ornaments, and other labeling is to store your vehicle properly. Most often, these cars are not stored outside. They should be in a garage simply because of the value of the car. Just parking your car in a locked and secured garage space can help to minimize theft.

When you are traveling with your car, it is a good idea to consider several storage options. Park in reserved parking where there is the constant sight of your car from the attendants. You should also consider private storage facilities if you plan to park the car for several days while traveling. Always park in the light and be sure to remove the hood ornament whenever there is a risk of theft.

Use Alarms to Prevent Car Theft

Like with all other aspects of your car, you can prevent car theft by simply storing the vehicle property. However, alarms can improve these risk factors. There are not alarms specifically designed for hood ornaments, but just having an alarm that’s visible on the car can help to deter many would-be thieves. Your goal here is to ensure your vehicle is protected.

Will Car Insurance Cover Your Losses?

When it comes to protecting your hood ornament, treat these pieces like any other component to your car. Your car insurance company will provide financial coverage in the case of theft if you have done what you can to minimize the risks present. There are not many ways to prevent hood ornament theft, outside of those listed here, but your auto insurance provider wants to know you’ve done your part to keep the car safe.