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Vermont Auto Insurance

Whether you're new to the state or a recently licensed driver, you should know that the state of Vermont sets the rules for its drivers. The auto insurance in Vermont and Vermont driving laws will affect whether or not you can find cheap auto insurance, so find out more about how it works right here.     

Car Insurance Requirements in Vermont

Vermont minimum auto insurance requirements are as follows:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability per person
  • $10,000 of property damage liability
  • $50,000 bodily injury liability (all persons)
  • $50,000 per person uninsured motorist coverage
  • $100,000 per accident uninsured motorist coverage
  • $10,000 of property damage liability uninsured property damage

Vermont car insurance laws for uninsured coverage applies to both people without insurance and to those who surpassed their coverage limits (underinsured drivers) in the event of a serious accident.

Is Vermont a No-Fault State?

No. Drivers in Vermont are required to pay for damages they cause in the event of an at-fault accident. 


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Car Insurance Prices in Vermont

The average price of insurance in Vermont is about $1,000 a year. However, what you pay will depend on your age, location, and driving history.


<qa>1;Car Insurance for Young Drivers, New Drivers and Teen Drivers;Car insurance for 16-18 year olds in Vermont (as well as new drivers) will be higher due to their lack of experience. A 16-year-old may pay as much as $5,077 a year for insurance, while an 18-year-old will pay around $4,120 per year.</qa> 

<qa>2;Car Insurance for Students (18 - 24-year-olds) in Vermont;The price of Vermont car insurance will begin to fall drastically during these years. A 20-year old will pay an average of $2800 while a 24-year-old may only pay $1,500 a year. Young drivers should call around to a variety of carriers to maximize their budgets.</qa> 

<qa>3;Car Insurance for 24+ Year Olds in Vermont;Drivers in their late 20s and 30s will start to see prices come down to around $1,000 a month. Drivers in their 40s and 50s will pay the least — as little as $885 a year.</qa> 

<qa>4;Car Insurance for 55 (and Over) in Vermont;As drivers enter their 60s, they’ll see the prices rise again to over $1,000 on average. Those in their 70s pay an average of $1,160 a year. Again, these prices are heavily dependent on the driver's lifestyle and personal history, so the range can vary.</qa> 

<qa>5;Car Insurance for Veterans in Vermont;Some insurance companies in Vermont will offer special discounts to veterans who meet their qualification criteria. Each company has its own policies, so you may need to do some research to find a carrier that will save you money.</qa> 


AgeMost Popular VehicleGenderMost Common City
18 - 24ChevroletMale - 67% | Female - 33%Burlington
25 - 54ChevroletMale - 47% | Female - 53%Burlington
55 - 64FordMale - 43% | Female - 57%Bennington
65 +ToyotaMale - 45% | Female - 55%Georgia

* This information is based on users.

Auto Insurance for Good Drivers

Good drivers (or at least drivers who aren’t caught for their mistakes) are less risky for auto insurance carriers. Their caution is rewarded with lower rates. The more you can follow the rules of the road, the more likely you’ll end up with extra cash in your pocket.

Auto Insurance for Bad Drivers

Drivers are usually labeled as ‘bad’ by insurance companies who feel they’ve broken one too many rules. From minor accidents to speeding tickets, making risky moves on the road (and getting caught for them) will increase your insurance rates.

Traffic Violations and Fines in Vermont

The actual price a driver pays for a speeding ticket in Vermont will depend on where the driver is pulled over. The average price of a ticket will be about $55 – $60 though. Reckless driving in Vermont can result in a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail.

Driving While High Laws in Vermont

Driving while high in Vermont can result in a fine of up to $200. This is true even if you’re not the person actually using it in the car. If anyone in the car is under 18, the driver can be charged up to $500 for the first offense and up to $1,000 for subsequent charges.

Driving Without Car Insurance in Vermont

Fines for driving without insurance in Vermont can be up to $600. The police can also revoke your driving privileges for an indefinite period.

Texting and Driving in Vermont

Distracted driving laws in Vermont cover everything from cell phone use while driving to eating while driving. The fines can range from $200 for the first offense and $500 for subsequent charges.


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Vermont Car Accidents

There were a total of 12,644 accidents in Vermont in 2017. These accidents ranged from minor incidents to fatal crashes.

Reasons for Car Accidents in Vermont

Distracted driving and speeding are two major contributors to accidents on the road. More than a third of all fatalities involved alcohol consumption. 

Car Accident Statistics by Vehicle Type in Vermont

Due to the weather in Vermont, most accidents occur between four-wheeled vehicles (e.g., cars, trucks, and SUV, etc.) Motorcycle fatalities totaled 12 in 2015, and an average of 8 pedestrians are killed in car accidents a year (or about 11% of all traffic deaths). Bicyclists saw an increase in total crashes from 77 to 97 from 2014 to 2015.

Car Accidents in Vermont - More Facts

Vermont has seen small declines in major crashes from 2008 to 2017

In 2014, there were just 44 fatalities in Vermont

Unrestrained drivers had the highest rates of fatalities

Vermont scored in the top 10% nationally for fewest fatalities

Bonus: Most Weird, Funny and Ridiculous Traffic Laws in Vermont

  • You won’t see any corporate billboards along the way in Vermont because they’re forbidden
  • If you’re driving through Barre on a Saturday night, make sure you’ve showered. All residents are required to bathe!


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