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California Auto Insurance

Auto insurance in California can be challenging to understand – with so many California driving laws to know and insurance options to choose from. However, with some basic information and guidance, you’ll find that auto insurance is a bit easier to manage, even if you are looking for cheap auto insurance policies. With some basic information and guidance here, you can save money and get a quality policy for your needs.

Car Insurance Requirements in California

Drivers in California are required to carry some types of insurance policies to cover their needs. California car insurance laws require individuals to maintain at least this type of minimum coverage. California minimum auto insurance requirements include the following:

  • At least $15,000 for injury or death to one person
  • At least $30,000 for injury or death to more than one individual
  • At least $5,000 for damages to property

California driving laws do not require drivers to carry comprehensive or collision auto insurance. It only requires these forms of liability insurance.

Is California a No-Fault State?

California is a fault state. Under the state’s laws, individuals can pursue the at-fault driver in an accident to cover their financial losses.


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Car Insurance Prices in California

Car insurance prices in California are about 20 percent higher, on average than other states. Teens will pay the most at over $5,700 a year. Those who are adults, over the age of 24, can expect to see rates around $1,713 a year, though many factors play a role in costs here.


<qa>1;Car Insurance for Young Drivers, New Drivers and Teen Drivers;Car insurance for 16-18 year olds in California are some of the highest costs overall. Finding affordable policies for teens can be challenging, but some options may exist. Teens in California can pay as much as $5,700 each year for coverage.</qa> 

<qa>2;Car Insurance for Students (18-24 Year Olds) in California;Students in California who are under the age of 24 can expect to see their car insurance costs drop over time, especially if they remain accident free. An average cost for a student between 18 and 24 is $3,700 each year.</qa> 

<qa>3;Car Insurance for 24+ Year Olds in California;Adults tend to see more affordable policies the older they get. The average adult over the age of 24 in the state is likely to pay $1,713 per year on car insurance.</qa> 

<qa>4;Car Insurance for 55 (and Over) in California;Seniors who drive less often may see car insurance rates in California drop to under $1,000 a year. However, costs average at $1,110 annually.</qa> 

<qa>5;Car Insurance for Veterans in California;Veterans in California may qualify for additional discounts to save money on insurance. The average cost for military veterans and families is $1,248.</qa>


AgeMost Popular VehicleGenderMost Common City
18 - 24ToyotaMale - 60% | Female - 40%Beverly Hills
25 - 54ToyotaMale - 53% | Female - 47%Los Angeles
55 - 64ToyotaMale - 48% | Female - 52%Sacramento
65 +ToyotaMale - 47% | Female - 53%San Diego

* This information is based on users.


Traffic Violations and Fines in California

Common violations of traffic laws in California, such as getting a speeding ticket, can increase insurance costs. State laws on reckless driving in California provide some insight, though most costs are based on local county and city ordinances. A speeding ticket will give you one point on your license. Reckless driving will add two points to your record.

Speeding Ticket Cost in California

Speeding ticket costs in California are based on local laws but can range from $140 up to $350 or more depending on speed, location, and other factors.

Driving While High Laws in California

Though it may be legal to use some drugs in California, the law is clear that individuals should not operate a motor vehicle while doing so. The state does not set a legal limit to the amount of marijuana present in the bloodstream to make it allowable.

Driving Without Car Insurance in California

If you drive without car insurance in California, you could lose your license. Initial fines are about $100 but can climb to $2,500 for multiple violations.

Texting and Driving in California

Cell phone use while driving in California is strictly prohibited. The state has a no-cell phone use policy for those behind the wheel. Distracted driving risks escalate here, which can lead to accidents. Even eating while driving can be a violation if the individual speeds or engages in reckless driving as a result. Fines for initial offenses are $150 but can climb higher.


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California Car Accidents

In 2014, there were 162,711 car accidents in the state of California. Car accident statistics also state that traffic deaths grew from 3,387 in 2015 to 3,623 a year later, about a seven percent increase. Car accidents in California have fatalities per 100 million miles traveled of 1.01.

Reasons for Car Accidents in California

The most common causes for a car accident include striking fixed objects, fender-benders, and bike-related accidents. Bike-related deaths in 2016 were 147. Pedestrians are at a high risk in the state with 867 people dying in 2016 as a result of being struck by a driver.

Car Accident Statistics by Vehicle Type in California

In 2015, 43 people died in truck-related accidents in Los Angeles, 35 people died in San Bernardino, and 27 died in Kern. There were 517 motorcyclist fatalities in the state and 2,595 passenger vehicle occupant deaths in the state.

Car Accidents in California – More Facts

In California, alcohol-impaired driving caused 911 deaths in 2015. Drug-impaired driving accounted for 15 percent of all people killed in a crash and unrestrained passenger vehicle occupant deaths grew to 586 in 2016.


Bonus: Most Weird, Funny and Ridiculous Traffic Laws in California

  • Chico has a law that says residents cannot plant rutabagas on the roadway.
  • The state has a law that forbids women from driving in a housecoat.


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