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Life Insurance in Connecticut

There are outstanding reasons to buy a life insurance policy to help protect your family, but navigating the options in life insurance in Connecticut can be downright challenging. You may want to buy cheap life insurance, but you may be worried that term life insurance in Connecticut isn’t enough to meet your loved one’s needs. To help you, we have a set of steps and tools designed to help you compare life insurance plans in Connecticut with ease and without bias.

Connecticut Life Insurance Quotes

Connecticut life insurance quotes are readily available, and really are the only way for you to get any insight into what your options are. Because life insurance rates in Connecticut are very specific to your unique needs, there isn’t a basic price you can find that fits most needs. You can use a life insurance calculator to give you some insight, but the best route to take is to follow a step of steps to determine which policy fits your needs. Once you learn how to get the best rates for life insurance in Connecticut, you’ll be able to see what each one of your options are.

Life Insurance Companies in Connecticut

With over 205 life insurance companies in Connecticut available to you, you definitely have a lot of options to choose from for your needs. Some companies offer competitive rates, while others offer more extensive policies. Still, to save money on life insurance, you simply have to know what your risk factors are. Life insurance companies want to estimate your risk based on your health and the overall likelihood you may die early.


That sounds harsh, but these are the factors life insurance companies in Connecticut use to determine how much to charge you. For example, the median age for residents in the state is 40.3. That is significantly higher than the national average of 37.4. That means rates are going to be a bit higher here than in other areas.

How to Get the Best Rates for Life Insurance in Connecticut


To get the best rates on life insurance, you need to compare several companies and research the options they offer to you. To help you, we’ve created an algorithm that takes your specific information and finds each and every one of the policy options available. This lets you compare your options without risk or pressure.


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How Are Life Insurance Rates Calculated in Connecticut?

The key here is to know what factors play a role in determining your rate. Here are some things that play a role in your costs in Connecticut.


In Connecticut, where the median age is a bit higher, this can mean plans are more expensive. With 14.9% of the population here between 45 and 54 years of age, it’s clear that you may pay a bit more.


In Connecticut, 51.2 percent of the population is female. Women tend to pay less for life insurance because, statistically, they live longer than men. If you are older and male, that will increase your costs here in Connecticut.

Weight and Health Background

Health is a big factor in determining costs. Those with life-threatening or chronic health conditions may pay more for life insurance as well. This is one area that works in favor of those living in Connecticut. In 2017, 26.9 percent of adults were obese, and just 9.8 percent were diagnosed with diabetes, two critical factors in determining the health of the community.

Job and Profession

Though there are construction jobs, law enforcement positions, and other high-risk jobs in the state, many people are employed in less risky professions. This can help to reduce your costs somewhat.


In Connecticut, there are some factors that can make costs higher. For example, riding a motorcycle can increase your costs. However, life insurance companies are more interested in things like alcohol and drug use. In 2016, 9.4 out of every 100,000 deaths were related to alcohol in Connecticut, and 27.9 were related to drugs. That’s lower by comparison.

Criminal Record

The crime rate in Connecticut is moderate, which means that this may help reduce costs as well. Those with a criminal record are likely to pay more for insurance because of the increased risks in their life.

Life Insurance Policy in Connecticut - Compare the Best Plans

When it comes to buying life insurance, looking at your risk factors is important, but so is choosing the right type of policy. Here is a bit of insight to help you choose.

Term Life Insurance

Though lower costing, term life insurance only pays out a death benefit if you die during the term or span of years that the policy is in place. Still, you can use it to help cover your loved ones while you have dependents or a mortgage.

Whole Life Insurance

For many in Connecticut, whole life insurance is available even if you are in your early 40s. This type of insurance remains in place throughout your lifetime, as long as you keep the policy up to date.

Universal Life Insurance

Some may wish to use their life insurance policy to help build out their investment goals. Universal life insurance can help you to do that. It remains in place long term and builds cash value that can pay you dividends during your life.

Family Life Insurance

Family life insurance, or a policy purchased for more than one person, can help reduce costs. However, it is important to look at the structure carefully to ensure you are buying a policy that pays to protect you and your spouse no matter who dies first.

Group Life Insurance

Many employers offer group life insurance. This makes it less expensive, but most policies are very limited. If you have access to group life, be sure to consider additional policies to add more protection.

Life Insurance for Kids

Many wonder if they should have life insurance on their children. The answer is yes. Though it is rare in Connecticut for children to die, it can happen, and the cost of burial can be out-of-reach for many people.


Using the smart match algorithm at, you are able to navigate each of these options with ease. Simply enter your zip code in the box on this page to learn more about the policies available within your area.


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