Life Insurance for Veterans - Everything You Need to Know

Does veterans life insurance matter? Learn how to get life insurance as a veteran and why veterans need life insurance.

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Life Insurance for Veterans - Everything You Need to Know

If you are a person serving in the U.S. Armed Services, you need to consider your family’s long-term financial needs should something tragic happen to you. Life insurance for veterans can provide this type of financial support to them, and options exist for most situations. Here is everything you need to know about life insurance for veterans and your options.

Do All Veterans Get Veterans Life Insurance?

The VA can help you to learn more about the veterans life insurance you qualify for in most cases. These programs are designed to provide financial protection to your family should something happen to you while serving. The SGLI and Family SGLI Spousal plans are the most common. These allow you to purchase insurance through the VA’s programs for less. In many situations, this is an affordable option because it provides you with ample protection, and you can manage the costs well. However, there are a variety of limitations to these plans that you should know about.


Most importantly, to obtain this life insurance for veterans, you have to qualify for it. That is not always easy to do. However, the VA can help you to do this. FSGLI is a term life insurance policy that is automatically provided to spouses and dependent children. The VGLI program is for those who are looking for life insurance coverage after leaving the military service. And, the SGLI coverage is provided automatically to most active duty members of all areas of the U.S. Armed forces.

Who Benefits from Additional Veterans Insurance?

It is important for all people, including veterans, to consider what they would like to do with their life insurance. It is designed to provide financial protection to your family should you die. However, the amount of coverage obtained may not be enough for what you wish to accomplish. Many veterans may want to consider a whole life insurance policy or one that offers a larger payment that can help to fund their estate plan. These are reasons why you may want to consider extending your life insurance through additional plans or more coverage.

What Is VGLI Veterans Insurance?

VGLI veterans insurance is Veteran’s Group Life insurance. It is available to most service members who were eligible for SGLI coverage while they were active duty. This type of life insurance is applicable after you leave military service. It becomes automatically available in fact after you separate from military service if you have either VGLI or FSGLI coverage. It is also available to spouses and children, then.

Why Should You Consider Veterans Group Life Insurance?

It’s important to consider the value that veterans group life insurance can offer to you. This type of insurance provides financial protection to your family should you die early. Because of the high risks of your career, it can be a good investment to make for many reasons. Though you do not have to buy veterans life insurance if you do not want to, it tends to be one of the most important investments you can make to protect your family.


Imagine your family’s financial state if you could not be there to support them. You will want to learn more about all the options available to you. Most of the time, veterans life insurance policies are affordable when you consider the type and the amount of financial protection they can offer to you and to your family if a tragic event were to happen.

How to Compare Veteran Insurance Policies and Options

It is important to learn about all of your options in veteran insurance policies. Consider how much coverage is provided, for example, to learn how much they will receive if something were to happen to you. You may also want to consider whether you are buying a whole life or a term life insurance policy. Many times, these policies can provide exceptional protection but only if you choose them for the length of time that works for your needs. Also, consider the amount of the premium, or the amount you will pay for coverage. Comparing policies is very important. It’s important to consider all the options available to you as a veteran to cover your needs and those of your family.