What Happens If Someone Gets Injured on Your Property?

If you have homeowners insurance coverage in place, it will cover injuries other people suffer if they are hurt while on your property. Here is what you should know about your coverage if someone gets hurt on your property from a fall or dog bite.

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What Happens If Someone Gets Injured on Your Property?

Someone visiting your home falls and suffers a significant injury while visiting your home. You’re worried about being held financially responsible for the losses. Home insurance coverage will provide financial protection for these losses, in most cases, helping you to avoid a lawsuit. When will home insurance cover injuries like this? Here is what you need to know.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage for Falls at Your Home

When someone visits your home and is hurt, you could be held responsible for the losses they incur even if it was an accident and there was nothing you could have done to prevent it. Your home insurance coverage will help mitigate this risk to you, though. They will work closely with you to determine what happened, ensure you are responsible for the claimed losses, and then pay for the damages up to the amount of coverage present in your home insurance policy.


This type of protection insures you for injuries other people have from falls or other types of accidents occurring at your home. It does not cover injuries you have or those living in y our home suffer. They also cover just about anyone who is at your property that does not live there. If the mailperson suffers a fall down the steps or a neighborhood child is hurt, it helps cover all of their losses.


Most of the time, if someone is hurt on your property, you should first make sure they are okay. Help them to get the type of care they need including emergency service. Then, document the situation as clearly as possible. You will need to get information about the injury and the contact information for the individual. Provide this information to your home insurance agent. He or she will then handle the claims process for you.


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Property Insurance for Dog Bites

Another common injury individuals may suffer at your home is a dog bite. When your dog hurts another person, you may be financially responsible for their medical bills and any other suffering they have as a result of the incident. Dog bites are very common, but your home insurance can help cover these losses.


Be sure your home insurance policy notes that you have a dog. The size and breed may also play a role in the amount and type of coverage you have. If someone is hurt at your home due to your dog’s actions, you may also need to file a police report, depending on your community’s laws.

Will Your Home Insurance Policy Cover Injured Workers?

In most situations, the professionals you bring into your home to handle repairs or updates should have their own worker’s compensation policies in place. This type of policy should protect the company’s employees. However, some may not have this. If you bring an individual into your home to do work for you, and that person does not have the appropriate licensing and insurance, you could be responsible for a worker’s injuries.


Your home insurance policy will cover these losses in most cases. You will need to document the incident with your insurance company. Claims like this can increase the cost of home insurance to you. It is best to avoid them, then, whenever possible.

Home Insurance Coverage for Uninvited People on Your Property

What if someone trespasses onto your property and falls? What if they walk towards your home and your dog bites them? Thought state law plays a role here, in nearly all cases, your property should be considered reasonably safe to access by anyone walking across it. Even if you have warning signs up, those individuals may still file a claim against you if they are hurt.


The only time your home insurance policy isn’t likely to cover an incident like this is if you have purposefully set up traps or dangerous areas to your property that specifically make it risky for someone to enter.

Home Insurance and Liability Risks – What Risks Are Present at Your Home?

Take the time to learn about all of the liability risks around your home. For example, if your driveway or sidewalk is uneven, someone can fall on it. If you have a dog, be sure there are warning signs not to pet it and keep your yard fenced in. You should also make sure your home is not a trip hazard.


Though it may sound difficult, it is important to minimize home insurance claims for liability losses when possible. You cannot minimize all of those risks. That is why you have liability insurance within your home insurance policy to protect you. It can help minimize any type of risk you face when someone is hurt on your property.


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