What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Homeowners insurance includes contents insurance as well as liability insurance. For those who are getting home insurance quotes, it is important to look at the details of any plan to know what it includes, specifically, including the building and liability.

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What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Everyone that owns a home may benefit from having homeowners insurance, but that doesn’t mean these policies are easy to understand or use. With the help of a bit of information you can learn what household insurance includes and when it can cover the damages or losses you experience. Here is what you need to know to remain protected especially when obtaining home insurance quotes.

What Is House Insurance and Who Needs It?

House insurance is a type of policy that you pay into each year. That payment helps to give you some financial protection against losses that occur to anyone. It is meant to provide protection from unavoidable and unexpected types of losses. When you purchase this type of policy, it generally will include several specific types of coverage. This includes contents insurance, which protects against losses to the belongings you have, property insurance, which protects against damage to the structure, and liability coverage, which helps minimize losses from lawsuits filed against you due to accidents.


Policies differ significantly. Some include more coverage than others. Every policy should match the value and coverage needs of the home and the owner. That is critical. When it comes to purchasing home insurance, quotes should compare the same level of protection from one to the next. The good news is that these policies can be updated easily to match needs as they change.


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Does Property Insurance Cover Garages and Sheds?

The main component of a homeowners insurance policy is the property insurance. This covers the structure of the home. Most policies provide coverage for unavoidable losses. This may include fires, lightning, theft, and vandalism. Many policies will cover the cost to repair the home if these types of incidents occur. However, they also work to replace the home if the damage is significant and repairs are not possible. This type of insurance would pay out at the specific maximum value of the policy at the time of the incident. This is one of the key reasons to make sure that you have a policy with a high enough coverage amount.


Insurance policies can also include garages and sheds, or any other permanent structure on the property. However, to ensure they are covered, property owners should make sure the policy lists them by name. This helps to make sure there is enough coverage for all structures.

What is Contents Insurance?

Policies also protect your possessions or the items that you normally keep in the home with you. Contents include your furniture, your clothing, items that you own of value such as electronics, and much more. These policies generally set a specific limit on how much contents coverage is available. Most policies provide between 10 and 50 percent of the total value of the home insurance plan in additional contents coverage if there is a total loss.


Some policies also have per item limits. For example, if you have numerous items valued over $1,000, you should have a policy in place to protect those items specifically. This will help to make sure these higher end items have ample protection if they are lost or stolen. This might include things like high-end jewelry, gaming computers, valuable collections, heirlooms, and collector’s items. Talk to your agent about these specific items to make sure they are listed on your policy.

Does Home Insurance Include Flood Insurance?

This is an important topic to discuss with your agent when you seek out home insurance quotes. The standard policy for home insurance in most states does not include flood insurance. Because floods can be severe and even common in some areas, property owners may need this coverage, though. The first step is to verify if it is included with a basic home insurance policy. If not, the property owner is able to add on a rider or purchase a flood insurance policy that is separate. This investment can be vital in some areas. Though a bit more costly, it can be very important.

Will Home Insurance Companies Include Liability Coverage in Policies?

Home insurance companies nearly always include liability insurance for homes as a component of the standard policy. This covers claims made against you. For example, if someone is hurt on your property, he or she may require you to pay the medical bills. If your dog bites another person, that may also lead to a claim.


Liability insurance is a key component of your home insurance. It, along with coverage for the structure, additional buildings, and your home’s contents need to be in place especially if you have a mortgage on your home. Work with your agent to ensure the policy matches your needs and includes your high-end valuables. Learn what homeowners insurance covers within your plan.


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