Is It Safe to Leave Christmas Lights on All Night?

Leaving your Christmas lights on all night or for long periods of time can be risky. Is it safe to do in your home? Here is what you should know about your coverage.

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Is It Safe to Leave Christmas Lights on All Night?

During the holiday season, it can be breathtaking to see the twinkle of lights across the living room from your Christmas tree, but is it safe to leave them on when you are not there to pay close attention to them? There are many reasons why you might want to leave them on, but there are also a few key tips to follow to make sure your home remains safe. While your home insurance may cover these types of fires, prevention is by far the better step.

How to Buy Indoor Christmas Lights

It is always best to unplug anything not in use before going to bed or leaving your home. This is best for several reasons. It helps to minimize the risk that your home will suffer damage from a fire due to a spark or accident. Second, it helps to reduce the amount of electricity you are using. Yet, many people want to leave Christmas lights on all of the time.


It may be okay to do this in some situations. For example, make sure you purchase the right type of lights to use. This may include lights that are designed for long term use. They should be a higher quality product. Additionally, it never possible to do this if you are using a live tree. These tend to be more brittle and more likely to catch on fire. Whenever choosing any type of lights for your home, you want to make sure you are not placing them where the conditions are very dry and likely to catch on fire.


Also, be sure to purchase high-quality products. For example, you can find a wide range of indoor Christmas lights designed for long term use from trusted manufacturers. Look for the UL rating on them as well. Follow all warnings by manufacturers about how to use these lights.


Remember never to overuse electrical outlets either. Learn how many watts of power each of the light strains need. Do not try to place too many strands of lights onto the tree and overload the power limits present. That can present a dangerous problem for property owners.


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Using a Christmas Light Timer to Turn Lights Off Automatically

One of the best ways to minimize these risks at least somewhat is to use a timer. A Christmas light timer can work well to control how long the lights are on, therefore reducing at least some of the frustration you may have when it comes to keeping them on all night. For example, you can set them to turn off in a couple of hours, reducing your risks right away.


You can find Christmas light timers for both interior and outside use. Be sure to choose these from a reputable company and test them to make sure they work. While a timer is a good option, it is not a solution to complete safety. For that reason, you may still want to be careful with leaving the lights on long term without anyone home to make sure the conditions remain safe.

Outside House Lights and Fire Risks

For outside house lights, keep in mind that the same rules apply. For example, you need to consider lights for the home that are safe to use in exterior conditions and with changing weather. Be sure the products you buy – whether it is a light-up inflatable or a simple light – are all UL rated. Use them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure complete safety.


Timers can help here, too. It is never best to use numerous lines of power and dozens of electrical cords when creating these types of outdoor Christmas light displays. It can create a risk to you and your family.

Are Artificial Christmas Trees with Lights Safe?

Many artificial Christmas trees with lights are designed to be used for long periods of time without being turned off and on often. However, even these types of trees need to be monitored from time to time. Be sure to carefully consider any product you buy including who the manufacturer is, what type of safety rating the product requires, and where the device can be used. This is important to keep your home safe.

Home Insurance, Tree Lights, and Filing Claims

When it comes to tree lights and fires, there are always going to be some risks present. It is best to simply avoid using these types of products long term and without anyone watching them whenever possible. If a fire does occur, it is possible to file a claim with your home insurance agent. This process will include documenting what happened. If you have an instance where you were negligent by using unsafe methods for lighting your home, you may have some trouble filing a home insurance claim.


When possible, avoid leaving any lights on unattended. Instead, unplug them and know that your home can look great when you are there to make sure the property remains safe, and your family is protected.


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