How to Get Rid of Snakes in Your Basement

How do you get rid of snakes in your basement? What can you do to keep snakes out of your yard? Here's how to keep snakes away for good.

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How to Get Rid of Snakes in Your Basement

If you have snakes in your home, you know the importance of taking steps to get rid of them for good. To learn how to get rid of snakes in the basement, start with some basic prevention and repellants. Though your home insurance is not likely to help you to get rid of snakes from your home, it is an important step to take to protect your property and keep your family safe. Here’s what to do to get rid of snakes for good.

Here’s the Best Way to Get Rid of Snakes

Snakes can enter the home in a variety of locations and when they do, they can be hard to spot and even more difficult to remove. Yet, snake removal is important especially if you are unsure of what type of snake is present and whether it is a risk to your family. The good news is that a professional exterminator can help you. This is the best way to get rid of snakes because it is the safest method to finding the snake, locating its entrance point, and getting rid of it.


If you plan to try to get rid of snakes in your home, your first step is to find them. Snakes like to live in the cold, damp areas of a basement or in the crawl space under your home. Snake infestations can easily happen if there is any outside access to your basement. They can get through very small cracks and holes in the structure of the home to make their way into your basement.


It is possible to catch a snake by hand. If you know that the snake is not threatening to you and your safety, you can grab the snake with a gloved hand, put it into a container, and take it out of the home. In nearly every situation, this is the only way to really catch a snake.


There are some snake traps available as well. A snake trap can work if you choose a high quality one designed for the size and type of snake you have. This can allow you to capture the snake and release it outside.


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Why Get Rid of Snakes?

Snakes are not always dangerous to people, but they can be. If there is a snake in your home, do some research on the type of snake. If you are confident it is not a risk, you can try to handle it yourself. If there is any chance it could be poisonous, don’t do so.


Snakes can be hazards. They can cause increasing damage to your home’s structural integrity as they nest and move through the space. They also can breed in your basement, making your home an area where there are numerous snakes present.

What Type of Snake Repellent Works?

A variety of commercial products are on the market that state they can help you to get rid of snakes and keep them away. Once you do not have any snakes in your home, it is possible to use snake repellent products like this. They can work as a deterrent, but many are not as effective as they may seem.


The best way to keep snakes out of your home, then, is to rid your home of them and then to seal all cracks and openings. Ensure the foundation of your home is as protected as possible. This is by far the best way to minimize the risk of snake infestations in the home happening again.

Snake Prevention in the Yard – Snake Control Outside

Spray-type products exist that promise to block the access a snake has into your home. These products can work, especially insect repellents designed specifically for snakes. However, you will need to apply them multiple times to be effective. Choose those products that are designed to be environmentally friendly overall. Some natural elements, such as cinnamon oil, cedar oil, and clove oil have been known to be effective at deterring snakes.

Keep Snakes Away – Will Home Insurance Help with Damage?

You want to keep snakes away, but if they have managed to get into your home you may have some damage. Damage to the structural integrity of your home is not uncommon, but it needs to be dealt with to keep your property and family safe. Unfortunately, home insurance does not usually cover damage caused by snakes. It also does not provide any protection for the prevention of snakes, dealing with infestations, or managing any type of long-term impact from the presence of snakes. These are considered routine home maintenance steps. That means the homeowner is ultimately responsible for them.


To get rid of snakes, work hard to keep your basement sealed off from any type of infestations. Working with your exterminator may be the best route to take to achieve this goal.


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