How a Home Sauna Will Impact Your Insurance

Home insurance and saunas tend to be a worrisome factor. While your home insurance policy can cover saunas, it is important that you let your agent know about your sauna and plan for the increase in hoe insurance rates from having one.

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How Home Sauna Will Impact Your Insurance

If you are planning to add a sauna to your home, you may want to be sure the addition does not limit your home insurance coverage. Your insurance agency isn’t going to tell you that you cannot have a sauna, but it can impact your insurance rates. To find out more about how home insurance companies cover high-risk home features like saunas, continue reading here.

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Your Sauna?

A sauna can be a high-risk feature of a home for your insurance company. Saunas carry numerous risks. For example, they can cause structural damage to your home, but they are also a liability risk. If someone visiting your home were to fall and suffer an injury, your home insurance coverage would have to pay for those losses. While your insurance company is not likely to drop your coverage if you add a sauna to your home, they should know more about what your investment is, what prevention steps you are taking to keep it safe, and how you plan to minimize risk.


Home insurance rates are likely to increase as a result of having a sauna in your home. Your home insurance rates for a sauna may be slightly higher, depending on other factors and features in your home. The key to remember here is that you can get quotes from multiple home insurance companies to determine which one can offer you the level and type of coverage you need at the most competitive rate. Always make sure you inform your insurance company, including those providing you with a quote, about the sauna in your home.


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Will Home Insurance Cover Damage from a Sauna?

One key concern with saunas is that they can become a hazard for the home. If they are not properly maintained, they can create moisture problems on the property. They can also lead to the buildup of mold and mildew growth if not maintained. You can minimize this risk by keeping the system running properly and working to have it professionally maintained.


However, if you have structural damage to your home due to the presence of the sauna, it is not likely that your insurance company will cover those losses. For example, home insurance is not likely to cover damage from structural damage due to mold or damaged structural beams and flooring. This would be considered routine maintenance for the home. That type of maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner. You may not be able to file a claim for these types of losses.

Why Property Insurance Rates Go Up for Saunas and Pools

Why do home insurance companies raise home insurance rates when a sauna or a pool is located on the property? Both of these features are considered high risk. While we noted the risks associated with damage to the home, they can also be risks for liability claims.


If you allow someone to use your sauna, and he or she falls in it, you could face a lawsuit for their medical bills and other losses. That would fall to the home insurance company to pay for the costs. Because the risk of a liability suit is increased due to the presence of a pool or sauna, your rates are likely going to be higher. Work closely with your home insurance agent to learn what you can do to keep rates lower. Many times, those rates will jump significantly if there is a liability claim of any type at your home.

Compare Home Insurance Policies to Find the Best Options

In nearly all situations, it is best for companies to compare home insurance policies carefully to find one that fits their needs. If you are not sure if your home insurance policy will remain affordable to you as a result of your sauna or other features, you may find another insurer willing to offer lower rates for you.

Let Home Insurance Companies Know About These Risks

Always provide home insurance companies with a clear idea of what is present at your home. Most importantly, be sure to disclose the existence of a pool, sauna, or other large features like this. If you do not, and a claim occurs, your home insurance company may not honor the claim. They may also drop your coverage due to nondisclosure.


Saunas can be an excellent addition to a home, but like pools and even hot tubs, your home insurance agent needs to know they are there. This ensures these features are added to your policy and incidents related to them are covered under it. If you are unsure if your policy includes a sauna right now, give your agent a call to learn more about the coverage you have.


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