Homeowners Insurance with a Pool

Home insurance companies need to know that you own a pool as it impacts your home's safety and risk level. Home insurance for pools is available, but there are a few key things you should know about having a pool.

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Homeowners Insurance with a Pool

A pool can be a welcome retreat on a hot summer day, but it also increases the amount of risk present at your home. As a result, your home insurance company may need to know that you have a pool so it can update your homeowners insurance coverage to meet that risk. If you have a pool or you are planning to add one, here’s what you need to know about home insurance policy coverage.

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover a Pool Accident?

Home insurance companies provide homeowners with a pool with coverage. However, it is important to let your agent know you have a pool. Pools, like trampolines, treehouses, playsets, and hot tubs can increase the amount of risk at your home. In doing so, they can require you to have more liability insurance than what a standard home insurance policy covers.


Imagine if someone were to walk by your home, slip and fall into the pool, and suffer serious injuries. Pools have slippery surfaces around them. They are typically surfaces from which people jump and can hit their head. Because of all of these and the other risks that occur more commonly around pools, homeowners need a reliable home insurance policy to protect them.


That coverage should include significant liability insurance. This is the coverage most likely to apply to any claim that occurs. If someone visiting your home suffers an injury at your pool, the home insurance policy will cover those injuries and losses. This may include emergency room trips, medical bills, pain and suffering claims, and any other related losses. If someone loses their life in your pool due to drowning or another cause, your home insurance policy can cover those losses as well.


Home insurance coverage for pool-related injuries is possible if your policy mentions your pool before the incident occurs. It is also important to know that coverage has limits. The maximum amount of liability insurance is present for these types of claims, which can grow quickly if the individual suffers significant loss. If you have a pool, increasing your liability coverage may be beneficial.


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How to Get Home Insurance Quotes with a Pool

If you have a pool already, talk to your home insurance agent about your coverage. Your home insurance agent will work closely with you to understand the type and size of the pool. They will then add your pool to the policy. It may be necessary to increase the amount of liability insurance you have. In other cases, you may need to find a new insurance policy for the higher risk level. It is best to be honest and upfront with your agent when obtaining a quote for home insurance.

Home Insurance Companies Want You to Make Your Pool Safe

One of the ways that can help minimize risks for you is keeping your pool safe. There are many ways to do this. Some homeowners add a retractable cover to the pool to prevent any type of accidents involving falling in. This is important for homes with children. A locked fence around the pool is also beneficial. If your yard is not fenced in, it will be essential to have a fence around the pool to prevent wandering neighborhood children from entering the pool. You may want to consider a pool alarm that sounds if the surface water is breached.

How to Update Your House Insurance Before You Add a Pool

Are you thinking about adding a pool to your home? If so, this is an excellent time to update your homeowners insurance. Work with your home insurance agent to get a quote for your property and be sure to include the pool in the insurance quote. It is very easy to find homeowners insurance for a pool. You can also compare insurance policies to determine if they offer competitive rates and ample liability insurance coverage.

Homeowners Insurance Cost with a Pool

It is likely that your home insurance will cost a bit more if you have a pool than someone that does not have one. That is because a pool is a high risk. With that risk comes more likelihood that you will need to file a claim. Insurance companies base this on previous claims filed for pool-related claims in your area. If your policy’s costs rise significantly, obtain new home insurance quotes from an independent agent to help you find a more affordable policy. Unless you have had to file a claim for a pool-related incident, it is not likely to increase your rates drastically.


Be upfront with your insurance agent about your pool. If they do not know about it, and a claim occurs, they may not cover it for you. That can make your liability for the losses out-of-pocket.


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