Does Renter's Insurance Cover Pet Damage?

When will renter's insurance cover pet damage? Here's what you need to know about renters insurance for dogs and pet liability insurance for renters of homes and apartments. Before you move in, here's what you need to know.

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Does Renter's Insurance Cover Pet Damage?

You do your best to care for your pet, but sometimes these animals can cause damage to another person or to another person’s property. Your renter’s insurance should cover some types of pet damage. However, it is important to know the limits and benefits of pet renter’s insurance including liability claims for the losses you have.

Have a Pet? Renters Insurance Explained

If you have a pet, having renter’s insurance may be one of the most important decisions you make. Pets, including dogs and cats, can be a liability risk to owners. Though it is more common for a dog to bite someone, these animals can also cause damage to another party’s belongings. Having insurance may help with those losses.


There are a few key limitations to know about your coverage. Most renter’s insurance policies do not cover your belongings. If your dog destroys your belongings, that is typically not covered by your policy. It also does not cover any damage done to the property you live in. For example, if your car shreds the carpeting in the living room of your apartment, you are not likely to have coverage for that replacement or repair.


In addition to this, renter’s insurance does not cover any type of medical issues you have related to your pet. For example, if your dog bites your child, it will not cover your medical bills. It only applies to other people who are hurt by your pet. Nevertheless, it can be well worth it for that reason alone.


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Understanding Pet Liability Insurance for Renters

The key to investing in this type of coverage is the liability protection it provides. Pet liability insurance for renters is essential. Because you live with other people, many of them those you do not know well, it is more likely that your pet may strike out and bite someone if he or she feels intimidated. Additionally, many apartments have numerous animals living there. This also increases the risk that your pet will hurt another pet.


While most people know how to control their pet and take steps to ensure their animal is socially secure enough to be around other people and other pets, accidents can happen. Even the most well-trained animal can lash out like this. And, in some cases, other people may provoke that in your pet. If they reach out or hurt your pet, that can cause some level of risk to your pet, increasing the chances that it will bite. With liability insurance, you know some of these risks are financially reduced.

Investing in Renters Insurance for Pet Damage

Pets can also cause damage. They can dig up the landscaping at your apartment. They may cause damage to your neighbor’s belongings. Your renter’s insurance will cover pet damage caused to another person. It does not cover damage to your own belongings but can help if your pet gets out and does damage to another party’s belongings. This can help to limit your financial liability in replacing those belongings. This can be significant financial savings for many people.

Will Renters Insurance That Covers Pet Damage Cost More?

If you have a pet, be sure to let your renter’s insurance policy to know this. Your pet should be a component to your renter’s insurance policy. Your insurance company will need to know the size and breed of your dog as well. Though cats may pose significantly less risk, larger and more aggressive dogs may increase the amount of coverage you need. They also increase the amount of risk you present to the insurance company. This can drive up your costs significantly.


However, it can still be very affordable to purchase renter’s insurance with a dog. Your agent can provide you with more insight into what you can expect based on your location and needs.

Renters Insurance for Dogs and Other High Risks Reduce Your Risks

It’s important to see the value in having renter’s insurance. Dogs as well as other risks within your home can be very financially taxing. Imagine someone suffering a dog bite, for example. This can amount to thousands of dollars in losses that you may be responsible for paying out of your pocket. With renter’s insurance, you do not have to worry about those costs. If that person decides to file a lawsuit against you, your insurance policy also provides you with an attorney to defend your case and pays any settlement awarded in a court of law up to the maximum coverage of your policy.


For many reasons, pet owners should have renter’s insurance in place. It is an inexpensive way for you to have peace of mind when it comes to living with your pet.


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