Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Treehouses?

Be sure your home insurance policy mentions your tree house. Treehouse and trampoline insurance is a must for anyone investing in these additions to their home.

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Treehouses?

A treehouse can be one of the best ways to add a lot of fun to your home, but it also brings with it added value to your home and increased liability risks. Homeowners insurance coverage for treehouses can help to minimize at least some of these risks while giving you the freedom to choose the treehouse that’s right for you. Here’s what you need to know about the home insurance coverage you need for your treehouse.

If You Buy a Treehouse, Talk to Your Home Insurance Agent First

The investment in a treehouse can be a great one, providing an opportunity for children to explore their imagination. Even adult versions of tree homes are available. These create a space to relax and see the world from a whole new way. Investing in a treehouse can be an excellent opportunity, but before you do, make sure your home insurance company knows about your new addition. Like any other large addition to your home, it is a must to have coverage that protects your asset.


One of the reasons to contact your home insurance agent about your new treehouse is because it is a large asset to your home. It is possible for a treehouse to be added to your existing home insurance policy. However, it will likely need to be an endorsement or rider. That means you need to specifically call and speak to your agent or purchase a new home insurance policy that includes your treehouse.


When on your policy, it will help to protect your asset from risks such as fires, vandalism, theft, and storms. If there is damage to it due to accidental or unavoidable risks, your policy is likely to cover it. Be sure to choose enough coverage to protect the value of the treehouse, based on the current value or the replacement value should a big event, such as a fire, occur.


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Treehouse and Trampoline Insurance for Accidents

The second type of risk factor that your home insurance policy needs to take into consideration is related to liability risks. If someone visiting your home, such as a neighborhood child, falls and suffers an injury, that can create a liability risk to you, the property owner. Your home insurance policy provides liability insurance to you for these types of accidents. Again, your treehouse needs to be specifically mentioned on your policy to gain this coverage.


Once listed, if anyone visiting your home suffers an injury in your treehouse, your home insurance coverage will help with their medical bills. It may help with other losses as well. Keep in mind that your policy only covers visitors to your treehouse. It does not cover any type of loss suffered by those living in your home.

How to Build a Treehouse That’s Safe

One of the best ways to avoid increases to your home insurance is to have a well-designed and installed treehouse. Only allow a professional to install the treehouse on your property. Your home insurance company may want to ensure it is built professionally and within any code requirements for your city before they will insure it with your policy. You may also want to build in safety features that help to minimize the risk of falls, such as fencing, supportive ladders, and railings. Work closely with your designer to ensure the structure itself is as stable as possible.


Before Building a Tree House, Contact Home Insurance Companies


Are you worried about what may happen to your home insurance cost if you install a treehouse? You can contact your home insurance company in advance of buying a treehouse kit or building one. Inquire about the increased risk. Learn about any type of additional coverage you may need based on the policy you currently have. You also want to make sure your home insurance company also provides any recommendations that could help reduce your costs. Verify your coverage is available and in place once you buy the treehouse.

Build a Treehouse Without a Tree – Insuring Your Space

There are many types of treehouses today. Some of them are designed to be on the road or just slightly elevated. Some are built on tall platforms. These are all types of valuable structures that you need to purchase home insurance for before you allow anyone to use them. No matter what type of structure you decide to invest in, it is a good idea to purchase a home insurance policy with ample coverage to protect you from any type of liability or property risk.


Work closely with your home insurance agent or get new home insurance quotes for your new treehouse. Be sure it is fully documented in your policy to ensure that your investment is well protected. Homeowners insurance policies will include treehouses if they meet specific requirements set by your insurer.


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