Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mailbox Hit and Run?

When someone hits your mailbox, you may wish to file a home insurance claim, but before you can do so, you need to know what coverage you have. Here is what you need to know about home insurance coverage.

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mailbox Hit and Run?

Someone struck your mailbox, damaged it, and drove off, and now you are left wondering what options you have for repairs. Your homeowners insurance may offer some help, but there are limits to your coverage that you should know about before you file a claim. Here’s what you need to know about mailbox damage to your home.

Will Home Insurance Cover Your Mailbox?

Your home insurance is designed to cover damage to your home that causes you loss. If someone hit your mailbox, that could be considered a covered loss. Most of the time, in an instance like this, you would try to file a police report and force whoever is to blame to replace the mailbox. Yet, it is very common for a problem like this to occur in the middle of the night or when you are not home. You may not have any idea who did it. Homeowners insurance may offer some help in this situation.


Your mailbox is a permanent fixture to your home. It is only potentially covered if it is located on your property rather than adjacent to it. Not all insurance policies will cover outdoor ornaments and fixtures like this, though. You will need to call your agent to provide information about your incident to determine if you have coverage.


Most commonly, a claim like this would fall under your home insurance coverage for vandalism. This is a part of your comprehensive property coverage. In an incident like this, your first step is to call the police to report what happened. You will need to file a police report in order to then file a claim with your home insurance company.


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Deductibles with Contents Insurance

There are potential coverage options for those with mailbox damage like this. However, your deductible may be the first problem. A deductible is a set dollar amount that you pay on any claim you file. For example, most homes have a deductible of between $500 and $1,000. That means if you file a claim for $1,500 worth of damage to your home, you may have to pay the first $500 and then the insurance company would pay the remaining $1,000 if you have a $500 deductible.


In the case of a damaged mailbox, you may not meet the deductible threshold. This type of damage may cost, for example, $200 to fix. You could file a claim for that, but with a deductible that is higher than the cost, you would not receive anything from the insurance company to cover your losses. Additionally, filing too many claims can be problematic and even raise your insurance costs over the long term.

House Insurance on Outdoor Fixtures and Features

It is a good time to review your home’s coverage for outdoor fixtures, though. Most large and permanent structures have coverage under your policy. For example, sheds and fences are a component of your coverage. Your policy does not cover the replacement of landscaping, though. It can cover the losses related to trees and, in some cases, larger ornaments as well. If you are unsure what type or amount of insurance coverage you have, it is important for you to reach out to your agent.


Let’s say you have a large mailbox that was handcrafted in brick and stone. Perhaps it cost $2,000 to have installed. If that is damaged in an accident like this, it may cost a good amount of money to fix it. Yet, you need to be sure your home insurance policy notes that it is there so that it can be insured.

Will Home Insurance Cover Damage to Your Home Caused by Someone Else?

Home insurance provides coverage for many risks, including instances in which someone else does damage to your home on purpose. This may fall under vandalism claims. Vandalism is the act of causing damage to another person’s property intentionally. If you have a standard home insurance policy, vandalism is included. To file a claim for this type of damage, you may need to file a police report first to document the incident. From there, you need to file a claim with your agent for the damages you’ve incurred.

How to File a Claim with Home Insurance Companies

Home insurance companies make it very easy for you to file a claim. When possible, allow your agent to see the damage in person. If that is not possible, take photos of what happened. You can then document the incident with your agent, file a claim with the police department for vandalism, and try to receive compensation for your losses. Keep in mind that there is often little you can do to avoid these types of incidents.


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