Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

Homeowners insurance will cover dog bites for most cases, but you need to know more about how homeowners insurance and dogs link. Find out if there is a dangerous dog insurance plan for you and which home insurance covers pitbulls, rottweilers, and other larger breeds.

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

Homeowners insurance will cover dog bites in most cases, and that can be a welcome thing for someone who may be dealing with a situation right now. Your home’s liability insurance may provide financial compensation for losses, but there are limits to these policies you should know about before you assume you have protection. With a bit of information and insight, you make better decisions about how to protect yourself and your dog from claims like this.

Homeowners Insurance and Dogs – Your Basic Policy

When it comes to homeowners insurance and dogs, most property owners are protected. If you have a dog, be sure to let your insurance company know about it. Your agent can make sure your policy does not exclude coverage for having a dog in the home. Though it is not common, some insurance companies do not insure some types of dogs, especially more aggressive and larger dos. They may restrict your coverage if a dog bite claim occurs.


However, it is more common for home insurance policies to include dog bite coverage. This falls under your home’s liability insurance. It pays for damages caused by you or your dog to another person. This includes those who visit your home, strangers or even those who encounter your dog if it gets loose. It helps cover their medical bills associated with the dog bite. Keep in mind that your home insurance does not cover dog bites to you or anyone that lives in your home.


With a comprehensive home insurance plan, you may not have to worry about having coverage for dog bites, but you should take steps to avoid these risks. The problem is that home insurance will not continue to cover losses. If your dog bites someone a second time, you may not have any coverage. You will need to work with your home insurance agent to take steps to prevent additional claims or to purchase a higher coverage policy.


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Homeowners Insurance with Dogs May Mean Increased Coverage Needs

In some situations, homeowners insurance with dog coverage may have limitations. For example, you may have coverage for a single incident. Then, if you have additional losses, your policy may no longer cover the dog. Here is what may happen.


Your dog bites someone and causes significant damage. Your home’s liability insurance policy pays for the losses. Your insurance company lets you know that it will not cover additional claims. In some cases, they may drop coverage to your home or require you to get rid of the dog. Some may allow you to keep the pet but require an additional, higher risk policy in place to minimize additional losses. This type of policy may cost more.

Do You Need Dangerous Dog Insurance?

You may hear about dangerous dog insurance. There are some larger dogs that may warrant a higher level of protection. Home insurance companies nearly always base their coverage options and costs off of past data. They use claims from previous dog bite claims to estimate what your risks are. To do this, they consider the size and breed of the dog. If you have a larger dog or one that is known for being aggressive, you may need to pay for a specialized policy to cover these higher risks. Dangerous dog insurance may also apply to coverage required of you if you have had claims previously from your dog.

Dog Liability Insurance Claims – What to Expect from the Process

When it comes to dog liability insurance claims, it is important that you know what to do and how to handle the situation if it occurs. If your dog hurts a person, make sure to take steps to remove the dog from the area. Get the individual the medical care he or she needs. Document what occurred. You may need to file a police report in some cases. Call your insurer. Don’t admit any guilt in the process.


The insurance company will work directly with the person who suffered an injury. They will determine what types of losses apply to the dog bite and what coverage is available. In most cases, they handle the entire process for you.

Dog Insurance Claims and Your Costs

If you have dog insurance claims, you may see your home insurance costs rise. This is not uncommon with any type of homeowners insurance liability claim. Speak to your insurance agent about your coverage needs, costs, and risk factors going forward. In some cases, you may need a high-risk policy in place to help cover additional damage. In other cases, you may want to seek out an insurance company capable of offering a more competitive price for you if you keep your pet.


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