Does Home Insurance Cover Teepeeing and Other Home Pranks?

Home insurance coverage may include some type of home vandalism and damage coverage from home pranks including egging, teepeeing, and others.

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Does Home Insurance Cover Teepeeing and Other Home Pranks?

Teepeeing, egging, and other types of pranks on your home can be very frustrating, but it is something that happens often in some communities. As a property owner, you may want the fastest and easiest way to get help cleaning this type of situation up – will homeowners insurance help? Your home insurance coverage may provide some coverage for vandalism like this, but it may not always be the ideal step to take.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage for Pranks

Home pranks can happen to anyone. In some cases, a group of teenagers could throw dozens of rolls of toilet paper over your home and trees, creating a big mess for you to clean up. In other cases, they are throwing eggs at your home, causing a bit of damage along the way. More serious vandalism instances, such as spray painting or damaging windows, can be even more expensive to manage. Your home insurance policy overs some of these losses. The key here is to know what to do in order to get coverage for home pranks like this.


Home insurance coverage may include instances like this in some situations. They are a form of vandalism, and most home insurance policies cover home vandalism. However, there are a few concerns here. Most of the time, for an instance like this, to be covered under your policy a couple of things must happen. First, your home insurance agent will require you to file a police report about the incident. This allows the agency to document the vandalism and encourages the police to prevent it from occurring again.


In addition to this, you may need to have enough damage to warrant a claim. If you have a deductible on your home insurance policy, that must be met before the home insurance coverage applies. For example, if you hire a professional to clean up the mess, it may cost you $300. If you have a home insurance deductible of $1,000, you have not met that requirement. Therefore, you would not receive any funds from your insurer for the loss.  


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What Does House Insurance Cover?

If there is an opportunity to file a home insurance claim for teepeeing, egging, or other such events, you can choose to do that. If covered, the company would pay for the cleanup of the material present. This would be done by a professional, A quote may be necessary.


In cases where the damage is more significant, such as with broken windows or spray paint, the company would determine if it is necessary to replace broken or severely damaged items. When repairs are possible, that is generally the route taken. However, every situation is unique here. Your agent can help you determine what your needs are.

Home Insurance Companies Can Help You File a Claim

Are you unsure if you have an insurance claim? Your first step is to call your home insurance company to ask. In most situations, your insurer will provide you with specific steps to take to get coverage. This may include documenting the incident with photographs. If the damage is severe, do not clean anything up. Instead, call your local police department to report the incident. They may need to come out to your home to gather information and evidence. Then, contact your insurance agent. The agent will walk you through the steps of getting help including helping you to get a quote for the cleanup.

Compare Home Insurance to Find the Best Policy for Your Risks

It is best to have a home insurance policy in place that really fits your needs. When you compare home insurance, find out what risks are common in your local area. For example, if vandalism is an ongoing concern, be sure to have ample protection on your policy for these types of claims. You may also benefit from setting your home’s deductible lower. This may raise your premium costs, but if claims like this are common, it may help you to get financial help for them a bit sooner and that can be very valuable.

Preventing Property Insurance Claim

When it comes to help, a property insurance claim is there to minimize the financial loss. However, prevention is always best. To prevent these types of incidents, consider getting to the source of who is causing them. Then, work to install home security cameras on your home. You can also add a flood light or security camera with a large light on it. These motion detection lights turn on whenever they notice movement near your home. That may deter some people from continuing the process.


Home insurance coverage for teepeeing and other home pranks may be limited. However, if there is damage and you are losing a substantial amount of money fixing it, it is worth calling your home insurance company for help.


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