Does Having a Dog Increase Homeowners Insurance?

Are you looking for homeowners insurance that allows pit bulls or want to find dog insurance companies that respect all breeds? Here's what you need to know about how dogs impact your home insurance risks, costs, and claims.

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Does Having a Dog Increase Homeowners Insurance?

You love your dog and want to ensure he or she has a good home with you, but you’re worried about whether having a dog increases homeowners insurance costs. Most of the time, homeowners insurance companies allow dogs within the home, but there are some restrictions with home insurance with dogs you should know about before you invest in a new furry friend. With the right insurance and prevention steps, you can enjoy your pet in your home.

What You Need to Know About Homeowners Insurance and Dogs

Homeowners insurance is designed to provide financial protection to you for losses that are accidental and unavoidable. In most situations, homeowners with dogs do not have a problem with having ample coverage on their homes. However, every dog is a risk that your home insurance company should know about before you get a pet or obtain a policy. Having a dog may make your policy a bit more expensive.


Dog bites can be a covered peril on your home insurance policy. That means if your dog bites or otherwise hurts another person or damages another person’s property, that person can file a claim against your coverage to recoup their losses. However, your insurer does not want to have to make claims like this numerous times. Rather, they may take action to restriction additional claims over time. For example, your policy may cover a dog bite loss one time. If you choose to keep the pet, though, the insurance company may restrict any additional coverage for the dog. In some cases, this can make it hard for you to have enough liability insurance to protect your home and family.


Most home insurance plans allow dogs in the home. However, you should let your agent know the type you have including the size and breed. You should also report any claims of accidents or injury to your agent. In some cases, you may need to supplement your insurance to minimize these risks.


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Dog Liability Insurance – What Happens If You Have a Claim

Let’s say someone suffers a dog bite from your pet. He or she may need to go to the doctor, be treated with proper care, and may even miss some time at work due to the injury. This person suffered loss because your pet bit them. Keep in mind that if they did anything to provoke the animal, that may be taken into consideration when settling any claim. Your home insurance company will handle that process for you.


Dog liability insurance is available through most home insurance providers. Keep in mind that your coverage may be limited or, in some cases, may be excluded, if there have been previous incidents. Some insurance companies also have a restricted breed coverage, which means they may not allow all breeds to be in policyholder’s homes. This is very important to speak to your insurer about now before an accident occurs.

What Is Dog Bite Insurance?

If your pet has caused damage to another person before or perhaps has done damage to another person’s property before, your standard home insurance policy may no longer provide liability protection for additional claims. Some insurance companies allow you to buy what is called dog bite insurance. It’s more expensive coverage, designed to cover your specific dog-related risks. With this policy, you may be able to keep your pet in your home longer.

Homeowners Insurance Dog Breed Restrictions You Should Know

Is there a breed restriction within your community? While many cities have taken steps to eliminate these types of breed restrictions, they still may be present. Some homeowners insurance companies limit breeds that have a tendency to cause insurance claims. This is not as common as having a one-strike policy, though, for liability coverage. It is well worth it to discuss your coverage with your insurance company before you choose a plan. Talk to them openly about the type of dog you own or plan to buy. This way, there is no confusion down the road.

Home Insurance with Dogs – Reducing Costs with Increased Safety

You need home insurance with dogs. Even the very best behaved, small pet can lunge out and cause injury to another person. With homeowners insurance, your liability insurance is there to minimize what you pay out.


Prevention is always best. Take steps to minimize these types of risks. Post warning signs about having a dog. Don’t allow people the dog doesn’t know to reach out to pet the dog. Make sure there is a fence around your yard to minimize the risk of your pet getting out. You can also post signs warning people not to touch or feed your dog. While it may seem a bit overwhelming, taking these steps may limit home insurance liability claims for dog bites.


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