Can Smart Home Devices Save You Money on Homeowners Insurance?

With the use of smart home devices, it may be possible to receive a discount on home insurance. Learn about home insurance discounts for smart home features.

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Can Smart Home Devices Save You Money on Homeowners Insurance?

Do you have a smart home? If you have invested in smart home features to make managing your home easier to do, you may want to let your home insurance companies know about it as this could help you save money. Smart home devices can reduce your costs if you know what to look for when choosing a device and a policy for your home. Here’s what you can expect if you invest in smart home features.

What Are Smart Home Devices for Property Insurance?

When it comes to property insurance, your insurer wants to know about any steps you take to improve your home’s safety and security. When you do this, you are able to reduce your costs for your coverage and here’s why. When you make your home safer, there is less risk that someone can cause damage to it. As a result, you are less likely to file a claim for that damage. Because there is less risk of a claim occurring, home insurance companies typically provide you with a sizable discount.


The type of home security devices and smart home features you add, though, is important. Installing simple things like light fixtures may not help. Instead, look for smart home devices that provide improvements for security, such as motion sensor lights, cameras that monitor your home’s doors, and sensors at the windows and doors. You may also benefit from remote home monitoring, a safety feature many property owners should have.


Also, look for smart home devices that improve security within the home. Smart smoke alarms, fire alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors can help you. You may also want to choose smart home features that allow you to control appliances from your smartphone when you are not at all. All of this makes your home safer.


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Can a Smart Home Device Save on Homeowners Insurance Cost?

When will home insurance costs be lower if you add in smart home devices? This does not always happen. Not all home insurance companies are willing to give discounts for these additions, though more companies are doing so today than ever before recognizing the benefits they offer. If you want a discount, contact your insurance company and find out if they offer these savings options. They may tell you when they help such as providing discounts on home security monitoring services. It’s always important to know what the company can do before you invest.


Be sure to educate your insurance company about the benefits and advantages, too. Though some larger companies may not be able to make decisions on their own, some insurance agents may be able to recognize the benefit and features of these tools and offer an updated, and sometimes less expensive option for you.

How to Compare Homeowners Insurance Quotes for Discounts and Rewards

Do not stop with your current homeowners insurance company. Instead, contact others for homeowners insurance quotes. If your insurer does not offer a discount for something like this, you may be frustrated right away. Instead, turn to another company that does. When you request quotes from home insurance companies, let them know what you are looking for specifically. You also want to know what the company’s policies are regarding other discounts and rewards you may qualify for with your home.

Cheap Home Insurance Needs to Be Comprehensive

Keep in mind the most important thing is for your home insurance to actually cover your risks. If you are investing in cheap home insurance, then, be sure it still provides enough financial coverage to you. If it does not, it may not be worth the discounts that the company is offering. Be sure the coverage matches your home’s needs, addresses your needs, and doesn’t have a deductible that is too far out of your reach.

The Best Home Insurance Discounts Out There

There are numerous ways to save money on your coverage. The best home insurance discounts can include no claims discounts, home security system discounts, and bundling savings. Be sure to talk to your agent about the discounts you are getting right now and others you may qualify for. If you have siding that’s damage resistant or hurricane-proof roofing, these things can help you to save money. Speak to your insurer about what other discounts the company offers to determine if you qualify.


Most importantly, only invest in smart home devices that you like and plan to use. The discount you get from your homeowners insurance company may not be much, but if these are tools that you like and want to use, and they add value to your home, they may be worth investing in from the start. If you have not made a decision yet about what to buy, contact your home insurance agent to find out what could qualify.


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