Basement Flooded What Will Insurance Cover?

A flooded basement can be an expensive loss, but your home insurance may help in some cases. Learn more about when you can file a flooded basement insurance claim and what type of help they can offer to you.

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Basement Flooded What Will Insurance Cover?

You have a flooded basement, and all of the water has damaged your furniture, carpeting, and drywall. Will your home insurance cover a flooded basement like this? In some situations, it may, but this depends on the type of insurance you have as well as the cause of the loss. Here is what you need to know to file a flooded basement home insurance claim.

Will Home Flood Insurance Cover Water Damage After a Storm?

Standard home insurance provides limited coverage to flooding incidents. In most cases, it does not cover floods caused by storms or any type of event occurring outside of your home, such as a water line breaking at the street, causing water to flood into your home. It does provide some coverage to you for damage brought on by your own equipment failures, such as burst pipes and broken water heaters. However, there are some limits to this type of home insurance you should know about before you choose a policy.


Most people should also purchase a separate flood insurance policy. It provides coverage for more of the risks caused by weather, such as storms. Keep in mind that your standard policy does not automatically include flood coverage, and that means it may not offer the protection you need.


A flood can be financially damaging. After a storm, you may need to get rid of a significant amount of home furniture and replace items that are exposed to water for too long. However, storm-related damage is limited in most policies. If you have a flood occurring, contact your home insurance agent to verify the type of coverage you have. Your agent can tell you right away what type of protection may be available to you.


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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage from Burst Pipes?

One time that homeowners insurance covers water damage is when you have broken pipes within your home. For example, if your pipes freeze during the colder months, this can cause them to burst. That can lead to significant damage to your home from water spraying everywhere. In this type of situation, your insurance company may provide financial coverage for your losses. They would help cover the losses such as clean up and replacing damaged and nonrepairable items. If an instance like this occurs, be sure to let your home insurance agent know about it as soon as possible. They can help you to get coverage sooner for the cleanup.

Flooded Basement Claims for Broken Water Heaters

There are other instances in which home insurance covers floods. For example, if your flooded basement is due to a water heater breaking or bursting, that may be covered. In addition, it may help to cover damage from your washer breaking or a sump pump failing. Again, the damage must be due to a failure of your equipment or systems in your home in order to have coverage.


In some cases, you may not be sure of the cause. For example, you may find water in your basement due to a leak but are not sure. Your insurance company would require a plumbing inspection to determine the cause and the cause of the damage. Home insurance does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear or instances in which the homeowner failed to provide routine maintenance.

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is a different type of policy than your home insurance policy. Generally, those who live in a flood zone will have very limited or no coverage for flooding. In these areas, the risks are just too high. This doesn’t mean you can’t get coverage, though. Your home insurance agent can help you to obtain flood insurance that covers those risks.


To be safe, if your standard home insurance policy doesn’t offer you the coverage you need, it is wise to buy a flood insurance policy. These types of events can be damaging, leading to so much damage that they can be hard to financially recover from without insurance.

What Does Basement Flooding Insurance Cover?

When it comes to basement flooding insurance, if your policy covers it, it can help in several ways. It can help with the cleanup including the disposal of damaged materials. It can also help with the drying out process as well as the repairs needed to things like drywall. The policy may help you to recover lost items as a result of the flooding. And, if it becomes a concern, it may help in instances of mold buildup if the cause of the flood is covered under your policy.


Flooding is a complex situation. It can be hard to manage in any situation. If you are unsure if you have flood insurance, contact your agent to learn about it.


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