Best Home Insurance in North Dakota (2023)

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Home Insurance in North Dakota

There’s little doubt you value your home and know the importance of having high-quality homeowners insurance in North Dakota. Yet, you may find it a bit overwhelming to know all of the North Dakota homeowners requirements as well as what your particular home needs. If you want cheap homeowners insurance that also matches your home’s risks, consider following these steps.

Home Insurance Companies in North Dakota

Buying coverage means finding the most trusted and financially stable homeowners insurance agencies in North Dakota to work with. You also need to know what the top rated homeowners insurance companies in North Dakota have to offer to you in the way of coverage amounts and types. The very best home insurance companies in North Dakota also offer discounts and savings methods to help reduce your costs. When you take the time to use the following process or turn to independent home insurance agents in North Dakota, you’ll get the best rates available.


How to Get the Best Rates for Home Insurance in North Dakota

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How Much Does Homeowners Insurance Cost in North Dakota?

Most people need a cost-effective price for home insurance. To get it, you may know how important it is to get home insurance quotes in North Dakota to compare. Yet, you may not know just how much of a discount or savings you’ll get from one provider to the next. To do that, you need to know what’s the average. Nationally, homeowners pay $1,173 on average for annual coverage. The average annual premium in North Dakota is $1,200.


<twitter>Nationally, homeowners pay $1,173 on average for annual coverage. The average annual premium in North Dakota is $1,200.</twitter>


List of Homeowners Insurance Companies in North Dakota

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How Homeowners Insurance Is Calculated in North Dakota

Insurance companies have to gather information about your home and the area’s risks to determine what your home insurance premium should be. They need to determine if they are likely to pay insurance claims for you. They look at factors like the following to make this decision.


<qa>1;Crime;In North Dakota, crime is one of the factors insurance companies use. The average in the U.S. is 24 incidents of property crime for every 1,000 people. In North Dakota, this is a bit lower at 21.98 incidents per 1,000 people.</qa>

<qa>2;Weather/Climate;Weather is one of the factors that keeps North Dakota home insurance a bit more affordable. In North Dakota, the biggest risks include wildfires and inland flooding, though things like storm damage can also play a role in costs.</qa>

<qa>3;Home Values;Home values are always a key factor in determining what you’ll pay for coverage. This is based on the value of your specific property. However, it helps to know that the median home value in North Dakota, as of April of 2019, is $206,000.</qa>

Home Insurance Requirements in North Dakota

North Dakota’s insurance companies work hard to educate buyers about their plans and coverage. Yet, it’s not uncommon to have questions. Here are a few answers to common questions many can expect.

Is Homeowners Insurance Required in North Dakota?

The state does not require home insurance policies for property owners. It’s very common, though, for mortgage lenders to require all borrowers to maintain a comprehensive insurance plan for their home. Not doing so can force you to face fines or foreclosure.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance is comprehensive in North Dakota. It covers your property, which includes things like structural damage to your home from a fire or storm, as well as the contents within the home from theft or vandalism. It also includes liability insurance to protect you if someone falls in your home and needs significant medical care. Most policies do not include flood insurance automatically, but you can add this as a rider in most cases.

Homeowners Insurance for New Properties in North Dakota

Building a home means you are investing significantly into a new home. It’s very important, then, for you to have comprehensive insurance on your home. Choose a policy with enough coverage to cover the cost to rebuild your home.

Homeowners Insurance for Old Properties in North Dakota

For those with an older property, it may be tempting to let home insurance lapse. That can be a very costly mistake. To avoid this, consider turning to a more affordable policy that fits your needs.

Renters Insurance in North Dakota

It’s common for property management companies and owners to require tenants to purchase a renter’s insurance policy. This isn’t a law, but it can be a condition of renting the home.


Even if you do not need it, this policy can offer a variety of benefits. Most policies cost under $30 a month and cover your possessions and liability risks.


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Compare Home Insurance in North Dakota by City

Investing in home insurance in North Dakota is worth it if you take the time to compare home insurance quotes from multiple companies. To find the cheapest home insurance in North Dakota, invest a few minutes in personalized quotes. Here are some factors impacting the state’s biggest cities.


<qa>1;Home Insurance Quotes in Fargo, North Dakota;The largest city with 122,539 people, this community is the most modern in the state. The median value of a home here is $222,400.</qa>

<qa>2;Home Insurance Quotes in Bismarck, North Dakota;With 72,865 people, Bismarck is a growing community in the heart of the state. This area’s home values are higher at $260,900.</qa>

<qa>3;Home Insurance Quotes in Grand Forks, North Dakota;More well known for its recreation, thee are about 57,056 people who live here. Home values here are moderate at $205,200.</qa>

<qa>4;Home Insurance Quotes in Minot, North Dakota;With 47,822 people, it may seem like a small city in some states, but in North Dakota, Minot is a thriving community. It’s median home value is slightly higher at $251,400.</qa>

<qa>5;Home Insurance Quotes in Jamestown, North Dakota;This growing community is home to just 15,387 people. This small city has a median home value of $154,700.</qa>


Bonus: Most Expensive Homes in North Dakota

For those planning to buy a home in North Dakota, consider these. They’re the most expensive in the area. Can you imagine the insurance for them?


  1. The home on 130th Road Northwest in Williston is a sprawling 6,755 square foot home that’s valued at $5.75 million.
  2. A stunning home on 55 acres of land on Horse Haven Drive in Christine is valued at $2.95 million.
  3. A lakeside home on Shores Road in Bottineau is valued at $2.69 million.