Best Home Insurance in Michigan (2023)

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Home Insurance in Michigan

Buying home insurance can seem like such a long and hard process, especially when you want cheap homeowners insurance. Yet, it’s easy to buy homeowners insurance in Michigan if you know what to look for in a policy. Knowing Michigan homeowners requirements is a good place to start. Here’s what you need to know.

Home Insurance Companies in Michigan

How do you find the right policy? You need to start with the right company. The top rated homeowners insurance companies in Michigan work closely with you. These homeowners insurance agencies in Michigan are able to help you compare options across the state. The best home insurance companies in Michigan go further in providing you with multiple policy options and coverage variations. Independent insurance agents in Michigan are even better able to help because they compare rates across multiple insurers.

How to Get the Best Rates for Home Insurance in Michigan

To find the best rates and coverage options, you’ll need to search for available policies. To do that, enter your zip code on this page. You’ll learn more about what your options are.


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How Much Does Homeowners Insurance Cost in Michigan?

Michigan has some of the most affordable policies. The average annual premium in Michigan is $908. Nationally, the average home insurance policies cost $1,173. You can get the cheapest home insurance in Michigan lowering that even further. To do so, get home insurance quotes in Michigan.


<twitter>The average annual premium in Michigan is $908. Nationally, the average home insurance policies cost $1,173.</twitter>


List of Homeowners Insurance Companies in Michigan

You can get a list of available homeowners insurance companies in Michigan in a moment. All you need to do is add your zip code to the search box to get them.

How Homeowners Insurance Is Calculated in Michigan

Michigan property owners face a variety of risks. Insurance companies calculate premiums based on how much risk a property is exposed to. Some of the key factors they use include the following.


<qa>1;Crime;All areas have crime, but living in an area with high crime can increase your insurance costs. Michigan is a relatively safe state. The crime rate per 1,000 residents here is 4.5. The national average is 4 for violent crime. In property risks, the crime rate is 18, whereas the national average is 24. This helps to drop insurance costs.</qa>

<qa>2;Weather/Climate;Some properties face higher risks related to weather events. In Michigan, extreme heat, inland flooding, and drought are key concerns. Thunderstorms and winter weather can also increase risks to property.</qa>

<qa>3;Home Values;The more expensive a home is, the more insurance you’ll need for it, driving up costs. However, Michigan’s home values are moderate. The median home value in the state as of March of 2019 is $151,000.</qa>

Home Insurance Requirements in Michigan

Getting all of your questions answered before buying home insurance in Michigan is important. The best way to get the right policy for your needs is to ask questions. Here are a few common questions.

Is Homeowners Insurance Required in Michigan?

Michigan doesn’t have laws that require homeowners to maintain insurance coverage. However, it tends to be a wise financial move. In addition, most lenders will require mortgage holders to maintain comprehensive coverage.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

In Michigan, most homeowners insurance policies cover the value of the property from risks such as fires, storms, and vandalism. It protects the structure and the personal possessions you have. It also provides liability insurance to protect you from claims others make against you.

Homeowners Insurance for New Properties in Michigan

Many areas are growing in value, which is due to new construction. Home insurance for new construction can be a bit more expensive, but tends to be vital because these homes typically have loans.

Homeowners Insurance for Old Properties in Michigan

Owning an older home doesn’t mean your risks are fewer. In fact, some older homes in Michigan, including in areas like Detroit, have risks such as electrical fires and flooding.

Renters Insurance in Michigan

If you rent a home, you generally need to carry renter’s insurance. The state does not require it. It does not require property owners, though, to insure your possessions. This exposes you to risks.


It’s best to have complete renter’s insurance in Michigan. It can protect your possessions as well as liability risks.


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Compare Home Insurance in Michigan by City

Most people want to find the cheapest home insurance in Michigan. That’s possible when you compare home insurance quotes. However, rates change based on where you live. Take a look at the factors impacting rates in the largest cities.


<qa>1;Home Insurance Quotes in Detroit, Michigan;Detroit is a large, urban community known for its redevelopment in recent years. It’s home to 673,104 people. The median home value in Detroit is $60,000 well below others. However, the metro area which includes area suburbs is $161,300.</qa>

<qa>2;Home Insurance Quotes in Grand Rapids, Michigan;A growing and thriving urban city, Grand Rapids is significantly smaller at 198,829 people. The median home value in Grand Rapids is about average for the U.S. It’s $159,700.</qa>

<qa>3;Home Insurance Quotes in Warren, Michigan;Warren is home to about 135,022 people and is mostly a residential area. A moderately priced area, Warren’s median home value is $136,100.</qa>

<qa>4;Home Insurance Quotes in Sterling Heights, Michigan;A growing and fast-developing community, Sterling Heights is home to 132,631 people. A bit more pricy, the median home value in Sterling Heights is $207,300.</qa>

<qa>5;Home Insurance Quotes in Ann Arbor, Michigan;Known for its colleges and sports, Ann Arbor is also a thriving, larger city. It’s home to 121,477 people. A much higher priced area due to construction, Ann Arbor’s median home price is $377,200.</qa>


Bonus: Most Expensive Homes in Michigan

Most people think they are paying too much for home insurance, but can you imagine what the costs would be if you were to buy one of the most expensive homes in the state?


  • The home at 1000 Country Road KE in Marquette, Michigan is valued at $20 million.
  • The cost of the home at 6028 Trillium Trial in the up and coming area of Harbor Springs is valued at $12.9 million.
  • Or, you could live in the massive estate at 590 Dubuar Street in Northville that’s valued at $9.99 million.