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Home Insurance in Iowa

Buying homeowners insurance in Iowa can seem like a long process, but it is one of the most important decisions you can make for your biggest investment. Once you learn the Iowa homeowners requirements, it is possible to not only purchase quality coverage for your home but to find cheap homeowners insurance as well. To do this, read through this guide and learn everything you need to know about buying home insurance in Iowa.

Home Insurance Companies in Iowa

You may hear about a few home insurance companies from time to time, but to learn about the top-rated homeowners insurance companies in Iowa, you need a bit of research. Specifically, take the time to find each of the homeowners insurance agencies in Iowa. The best home insurance companies in Iowa will then allow you to compare several types of plans, various coverage limits, and deductible options. You can also work with independent home insurance agents in Iowa to pinpoint those that can offer the best rates across numerous insurers.

How to Get the Best Rates for Home Insurance in Iowa

Once you learn of your options, you need to start comparing companies. To get started, enter your zip code on this page. You’ll receive a full list of options to help you.


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How Much Does Homeowners Insurance Cost in Iowa?

Finding the cheapest home insurance in Iowa requires knowing what the average is in the state. The average annual premium in Iowa is $945. Nationally, homeowners pay $1,173 on average for insurance. To find out what rates apply to you, get home insurance quotes in Iowa.


<twitter>The average annual premium in Iowa is $945. Nationally, homeowners pay $1,173 on average for insurance.</twitter>


List of Homeowners Insurance Companies in Iowa

You can get a list of companies to compare right here. Simply enter your zip code above to receive a comprehensive list of companies.

How Homeowners Insurance Is Calculated in Iowa

Homeowners insurance prices in Iowa is based on risk. The higher the risks to the property, the more you will pay for insurance coverage. Some of the key factors that play a role in this are the following.


<qa>1;Crime;The more crime present in a city, the more risk the home faces for theft, vandalism, and even fires. In Iowa, the property crime rate is 21.25 per 1,000 residents. That is below the 24 per 1,000 average.</qa>

<qa>2;Weather/Climate;The climate in Iowa can range from very hot and drought-like conditions to storming days with flooding. This can create some risks to property. Storms, in particular, especially those with high winds and lightning can create damage. This impacts your rates slightly here.</qa>

<qa>3;Home Values;The value of your home also matters. The median home value in Iowa is $142,600 as of March of 2019. That is about average for the U.S. or slightly under. This makes home insurance a bit more affordable in the region.</qa>

Home Insurance Requirements in

Knowing your requirements for home insurance in Iowa is important. These questions may offer answers to some of your questions. Consider asking your agent about your policy’s specific coverages.

Is Homeowners Insurance Required in Iowa?

Iowa homeowners are not required under law to have insurance. However, it tends to be a very good thing for you to have to minimize financial loss. Home insurance in Iowa is required under many mortgage contracts. Be sure to verify your requirements with your lender.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance coverage for Iowa homeowners is comprehensive, covering most types of accidental and unavoidable losses. This includes protecting you against theft, vandalism, storm damage, and much more. It can help make repairs to the building and replace possessions lost in a covered claim. If you face a lawsuit for your dog biting others, the policy can help you with this. Most people have comprehensive insurance that includes property and personal property protection and liability.

Homeowners Insurance for New Properties in Iowa

Building a home is an excellent opportunity, but it comes with more financial responsibility. That means it is nearly always a good idea to have coverage. This is very true for any home with a loan.

Homeowners Insurance for Old Properties in Iowa

Older properties remain valuable and at risk. Having proper insurance coverage is very important here as well. Work with your insurer to get a policy that fits your home’s risks.

Renters Insurance in Iowa

Renter’s insurance in Iowa can be a very affordable policy. The average in the city is under $30 a month. It is not a legal requirement, but your landlord may require it.


Renter’s insurance protects you from claims made against you, such as someone suffering an injury at your home. It also helps protect and replace your possessions if they are lost in a theft or fire, as well as other instances.


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Compare Home Insurance in Iowa by City

Home insurance rates in Iowa are based on the risks present in that community and with your home. To get the cheapest home insurance in Iowa, you need to have a policy that matches your home’s risks. Compare home insurance quotes in your community.


<qa>1;Home Insurance Quotes in Des Moines, Iowa;With about 217,521 people living in Des Moines, it is the largest city in the state. It’s a modern town with a lot of old-style charm to it. The city’s median home value is $141,600.</qa>

<qa>2;Home Insurance Quotes in Cedar Rapids, Iowa;This residential community has seen home prices increase as it continues to grow. Right now, 132,228 people live here. This is one of the fastest growing areas with home prices but remains very affordable at $132,900.</qa>

<qa>3;Home Insurance Quotes in Davenport, Iowa;Davenport’s population of 102,320 people live in a modest sized town with a modern quality of life. The median value for a home here is $127,300.</qa>

<qa>4;Home Insurance Quotes in Sioux City, Iowa;Beautiful and packed with recreational opportunities, Sioux city is also home to 82,512 people. Property in this community remains very affordable at $116,600, keeping home insurance rates low.</qa>

<qa>5;Home Insurance Quotes in Iowa City, Iowa;This community is also growing. About 75,798 people currently live here. Home values here are a bit higher at $222,300.</qa>


Bonus: Most Expensive Homes in Iowa

Insuring the most expensive homes in Iowa may be a challenge. Can you imagine how much insurance is on these homes?


  • A home on a 154-acre lot at 31965 250th Street in Waukee is valued at $8.47 million.
  • A home on Mynster Springs Road in Council Bluffs is worth $3 million and has over 6,000 square feet.
  • Or, choose a home within the Glen Oaks gated development in West Des Moines. It’s valued at $1.5 million.