Alcohol Withdrawal: Symptoms and Insurance Coverage

Could you be suffering from alcohol withdrawal syndrome? Here's what you need to know about the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and health insurance coverage for alcohol withdrawal treatment.

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Alcohol Withdrawal: Symptoms and Insurance Coverage

A person whose body is dependent on alcohol will likely experience alcohol withdrawal syndrome, or alcohol withdrawal symptoms when their body no longer has access to the drug. This can happen in as little as eight hours after your last drink. Prevention of this comes in the form of avoiding alcoholism, but it can be treated in a medically approved location. This article explores the options available to you and your health insurance but should not be considered medical advice.

What Causes Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome?

Routine use of alcohol can create a physical and chemical dependency in the body. It changes the gamma-aminobutyric acid receptors in the brain, causing the brain to demand the substance. Individuals do not have to drink a lot of alcohol to reach this level – it can occur when a person is drinking alcohol on a routine basis, according to the U.S. Library of Medicine. Generally speaking, any dependency on alcohol can cause the body to react significantly if a person does not get more alcohol. In nearly all situations, those who have withdrawal symptoms are at a higher risk of suffering from alcoholism.

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Risk Group

You may be more likely to experience alcohol withdrawal like this when you drink alcohol on a routine basis. As noted, you do not have to drink a lot of it to get to a level of tolerance and dependence. It takes just routine use to cause this type of withdrawal to occur.

Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

Those who have this condition generally have not had alcohol for several hours. The body begins to react negatively to the lack of the drug. During this process, a number of changes can occur. A person may become anxious and sweat significantly. In other cases, a person can experience headaches, a need to sleep, or the inability to sleep, and changes in moods. Some people may develop severe reactions, including seizures and a loss of consciousness. This is why it is so important to withdraw from alcohol use in a safe detox center with medical supervision available.

Prevention of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

Can you prevent withdrawal? If you are a person with a substance abuse condition, it is important for you to detox, or withdraw from use, in a medical facility. In these locations, doctors may be able to help you avoid significant withdrawal side effects by the use of medications. They can also monitor your health for any adverse conditions to minimize the risk of more serious health risks as you do come off your dependency from alcohol. Ongoing mental health treatment – both before and after withdrawal – is important.

Health Insurance Coverage for Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome can be a life-threatening complication. If you believe you are struggling with alcohol withdrawal symptoms, it is important to receive emergency medical care. That is likely to be covered under your health insurance policy. If you have alcoholism or you have any other substance abuse, your health insurance may provide financial protections and treatment options for you.


Health insurance policies often include drug treatment, including alcohol treatment. If you are an individual with substance abuse problems, seeking help through a detoxification center is important for your wellbeing. Your health insurance coverage for detox is dependent on the plan you have. However, most plans will offer at least outpatient care for any type of addiction.


If you do not have health insurance, but you have been diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder such as alcoholism, that can raise the cost of what you may pay for your health insurance policy. However, most people can still purchase a health insurance policy that includes coverage for substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, and prevention care. It is important to select a policy that includes the doctors and treatment facilities you are already using, or you wish to use in the future to make sure you have proper protection.


Alcohol withdrawal syndrome happens to many people who have a substance abuse condition, but treatment is available. The best treatment is getting mental health support before a chemical and physical dependency occurs. Turn to your health insurance plan to make sure you have this coverage.


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