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Health Insurance in Delaware

Before choosing health insurance in Delaware, it’s essential to explore and compare the varying prices and policies. When you’re looking for cheap health insurance, exploring a range of options is key — but this can seem like an overwhelming task. Luckily, there’s a way to compare health insurance plans, find a range of health insurance quotes and choose the right policy to meet your individual needs. Keep reading and we’ll share how you can find the best health insurance plans in Delaware.

Health Insurance Companies in Delaware

When you’re looking at a list of the health insurance companies in Delaware, you’ll see plans laid out in several tiers, also known as metal levels. The top health insurance companies in Delaware will offer a coverage options at a range of prices points, with lower-priced options found at the Bronze level, moderate plans at the Silver level, and higher-priced plans at the Gold and Platinum levels. The best health insurance companies in Delaware offer policies to meet your needs and budget, but how should you find the right plan for you? The easiest way to find the right plan is to compare offerings from  several health insurance providers in Delaware.

How to Get the Best Rates for Health Insurance in Delaware?


Finding the best rates for health insurance in Delaware isn’t hard. Simply enter your zip code to compare Delaware health insurance providers and plans:


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Cheap Health Insurance in Delaware

Many people wonder how much does health insurance cost in Delaware, and the answer depends on a number of factors. While coverage prices range widely, you can find affordable health insurance in Delaware. Using a website that allows you to compare health insurance quotes in Delaware makes it easy. You can even use comparison sites like Pretected to compare home insurance quotes in Delaware.

Average Health Insurance Cost in Delaware

In Delaware, the average cost of health insurance is $3060 per year. These costs vary based on the policy you choose, and premium costs are based on public health issues, as well as individual factors such as age, gender and lifestyle. Comparing several different plans makes it easier to find affordable options.


<twitter>In Delaware, the average cost of health insurance is $3060 per year. </twitter>


Health Insurance for Low Income in Delaware

Low-income residents of Delaware have options. Lower cost coverage is available through the state’s Medicaid program, which is available to eligible residents. Qualifying individuals must fall within certain age ranges (between 19 and 64 for adults and between 6 and 18 for children), and meet certain other standards, such as being pregnant or disabled. A household of one must make less than $16,612 to qualify as low-income.

Free Health Insurance in Delaware

Depending on eligibility, Delaware’s Medicaid program may provide health insurance at no cost. Free coverage may be available for children, pregnant women, adults older than 64, and disabled individuals. All must meet certain income standards to qualify.

Health Insurance Plans in Delaware

If you’re looking at health insurance policies in Delaware, you’ll see that both public and private options are available. Insurance may be provided through an employer, through the State, or through the Affordable Care Act. Comparing quotes from different providers is a great way to find the best plan for you. First, let’s take a look at the different types of insurance that’s available.


<qa>1;Individual Health Insurance in Delaware;If you’re self-employed in Delaware or your employer doesn’t offer adequate insurance, you may consider purchasing individual health insurance. This type of policy can be purchased through the Healthcare Marketplace or through a private provider.</qa> 

<qa>2;Family Health Insurance in Delaware;Family health insurance means a policy that covers you and your spouse. Family insurance also covers your children up to age 26, even if they’re not financially dependent on you.</qa> 

<qa>3;Short Term Health Insurance in Delaware;Qualifying life events, such as in between jobs and employer-provided insurance, can make short term coverage a good choice. Also known as temporary health insurance, this type of coverage can protect you in situations such as when you move from one job to a new job and experience a period when you’re not covered by either your old employer’s or your new employer’s plan.</qa> 

<qa>4;Child Health Insurance in Delaware;Children may be covered by private or public insurance options. The state’s public option is known as the Delaware Healthy Children Program, and it costs from $15 to $25 per month. It’s designed to cover children who are under age 19, are not dependents of state employees, and who live in households that meet certain income requirements. For instance, a household of four must have a maximum yearly income of $54,590 to qualify.</qa> 


Public Health Issues in Delaware

Insurance companies base premium prices in part on public health and disease rates. When treatment costs are high, those costs must be spread out among insurance customers. Delaware faces a number of public health issues, including rates of obesity, drug use and alcohol abuse that are higher than the national average. Preventable diseases such as diabetes and heart disease are in line with the national average.

Obesity in Delaware

Almost 32 percent of adults in Delaware are obese. This is higher than the national average of about 30 percent.

Diabetes in Delaware

About 106,000 people in Delaware, or 13.2 percent of adults, have diabetes. Of these, about 25,000  don’t know they have diabetes and about 37 percent of the adult population is pre-diabetic.

Childhood Obesity in Delaware

In Delaware, just under 31 percent of children between the ages of 10 and 17 are overweight or obese.


<twitter>In Delaware, just under 31 percent of children between the ages of 10 and 17 are overweight or obese.</twitter>

Delaware Mental Health Statistics

Delaware residents have a higher rate of mental health issues than the U.S. as a whole. In 2016, Delaware had were about 11 deaths per 100,000 related to alcohol and 30 related to drugs. As for suicide, in 2016 there were more than 12 percent of suicide deaths per 100,000 reported.  

Delaware STD Statistics

Delaware ranks 38th of 50 states in rates of HIV infection, with about 109 people diagnosed with the virus. When looking at other common STDs, we see that Delaware ranks 30th in the U.S. for rates of syphilis, 13th in gonorrhea and 15th for Chlamydia. 

How to Choose the Best Health Insurance in Delaware

Factors such as common public health issues — such as obesity, preventable diseases, substance abuse, STDs and mental health issues — influence how much health insurance costs in Delaware. Individual factors, such as age, gender and lifestyle, also affect how much you pay in premiums. When you’re seeking health insurance in Delaware, comparing your options is key to finding the best options for you. Using comparison websites such as Pretected make it easy to compare quotes and choose a plan that meets your budget and your needs.


<zipcode>Find The Cheapest Health Insurance In Delaware</zipcode>