Is It Illegal to Facetime While Driving?

Facetime while driving is a high-risk situation. Here's what to know about distracted driving laws, using your cell phone for any needs, and insurance.

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Is It Illegal to Facetime While Driving?

There’s never been a more personal way to call and talk to people than to use Facetime, but doing so while behind the wheel could mean you are facing some strict distracted driving rules. Facetime while driving may be illegal in your area, but in all cases, it is a type of distracted driving that puts you and others on the road with you at risk. Here’s what you should know about cell phone law and how a violation of this type of law could put you at risk of rising auto insurance costs.

Facetime While Driving – Understanding Driving Laws and Phone Use

It’s so convenient to use Facetime. In a moment, you can see the person you want to talk to, making any conversation seem like they are sitting right next to you. Even better, you’re in the car where it is quiet and private. However, it may be illegal to Facetime while driving and doing so could put you at risk of being involved in a significant accident.


Driving laws in many communities are growing to include rules that forbid you from using your cell phone behind the wheel. This includes texting, video chatting, or talking on it. Some areas are allowing hands-free devices, which means you can talk on the phone as long as you do not need to have the phone in your hand. Yet, even then, there is the risk of distracted driving. You should know what this could mean to you.

Why Distracted Driving Law Matters

Even as easy as it is to use Facetime for a phone call, it is a high-risk situation for all who are involved. Distracted driving law is in place because many people suffer injuries as a result of accidents involving a loss of attention. When you are using your phone in any way, you are unable to give the road as much focus as it needs. This means you have less time to react to the things around you as they occur.


Consider, for a moment, what happens when you Facetime someone. You look at them on the phone. You look at yourself in the image presented. At the same time, you may only have one hand on the wheel. As your eyes are moving back and forth from the phone to the road, you are not able to see everything that is happening. A dog could run out onto the road. A car in front of you could slow down. This puts you at risk of hitting them. Or, you could swerve at the last moment and hit a tree.

Fine for Using Cell Phone While Driving

What is the fine for using cell phones while driving? Each community set these rules. That means to find out, you need to turn to your local police force to ask questions. If your state establishes a distracted driving law, that would mean anyone in the state has to follow the same rule. Keep in mind that most fines for cell phone use while driving are not slaps on the wrist. Because of the risks of this type of driving, it has become common for communities to create significant fines.

Ticket for Using Phone While Driving? What Happens to Your Car Insurance?

If you get a ticket for using a  phone while driving, what happens? As more communities put in place these rules, you can expect to see an increasing number of tickets issued for these types of violations. In all cases, this means you may have points on your license as a result. However, it does not stop just there.


Rather, a reckless driving charge on your license, or having numerous tickets, can lead to an increase in your car insurance costs. If you are involved in an accident in which your use of a cell phone contributed in any way, that can also cause your insurance costs to rise. If this happens multiple times, your insurer may elect not to maintain your coverage.

New Cell Phone Law in Your Area? What to Do

New cell phone laws like this are likely to be present in your area. Yet, you may still want to use your phone as you need to. If you receive a Facetime notification or wish to talk to someone, then, it is wise to pull over to the side of the road or, even better, into a parking lot. Then, speak to your friend as you would like to. This allows you to give that person your full attention without putting yourself or any other person at risk.


Also, consider your phone’s settings that may limit your ability to answer calls while you are driving. This can also help to keep you safe on the road by taking away the desire to answer a call or a text. Save Facetime for when you have time.