Driving with One Hand

Driving with one hand lessens your reaction time. If you have a physical limitation, these tips can help you drive safely with one hand.

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Driving with One Hand

Driving with one hand is a more complicated process since it means you have less control over the car. For those people who have just one hand, learning to drive may still be an option. The key is to learn as much as you can about how to drive safely using just one hand. It takes some practice, but you can be a safe driver in most situations. And, your auto insurance should cover the cost of implements you add to the car to make it accessible if an accident occurs damaging them. Here’s what you need to know about safely driving with one hand.

Driving Wheel Hand Positions – If You Can, You Should

When driving, it is ideal for people to have two hands on the wheel. These driving wheel hand positions are better because they give you more ability to control the vehicle if it skids or you need to turn quickly. Driving with two hands at the 10 and 2 o’clock positions of the wheel gives you more ability to react. This can make you a safe driver.

For those who are able to drive with two hands, it is a good idea to do so. Distracted driving commonly occurs when a person has one hand off the wheel. For example, you may be tempted to check your cell phone, change the radio station, or even apply makeup. Avoid these high-risk situations. Instead, just work to keep both hands on the wheel.

Hand Controls for Cars – Enabling You to Drive Effectively

For men and women who cannot use both hands, due to a physical limitation, there are ways to still drive safely. Hand controls for cars can enable you to use the car in an efficient and safe manner even if you can only use one arm or one hand. Hand controls can also be helpful for those who may not be able to reach the pedals or those who have just one leg or foot. The investment in them can be an excellent way to make your vehicle more accessible to you. This can give you freedom and a higher quality of life. If you have the ability to use a hand control like this, consider investing in them so you can get behind the wheel.

Car Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers Covered By Insurance?

Accidents happen to all types of vehicles. If you are in an accident that totals your car, you may want your auto insurance to cover the costs related to replacing your car hand controls. Most of these devices require a significant amount of retrofitting. This can be expensive. For this reason, it is best to contact your car insurance provider to let the agent know you have added these features to your car. They may be able to add an endorsement to your vehicle to properly insure these types of hand controls. That way, if there is a covered accident that impacts them, you still have the ability to recoup your costs.

Using Hand Controls for Driving – How to Learn This Skill

Are you feeling unsure about using hand controls for driving? You aren’t alone. This is not a skill everyone naturally has. However, you can find professionals to help you learn. Most are designed to be as efficient and easy to use as possible. Each one is a bit different, though, which means you should have the manufacturer or the installer explain to you how to use them. Over time, and with a bit of practice, they become second nature to many people.

Learning how to drive with one hand can be well worth the time you invest in it. Consider turning to a local organization specializing in handicap vehicles and mobility products. They can give you the support you need in learning how to drive properly no matter what physical difference you may have.

Driving Wheel, Wheelchair Lift, and Mobility Scooters and Auto Insurance

When you make changes to your vehicle, you alter the value of the car. Many times, those who have a handicap-accessible vehicle own a very valuable car. Things like a driving wheel and a wheelchair lift can mean your car needs more auto insurance to protect those features.

The same goes for the items you use in your car. For example, if you store a mobility scooter in it all of the time, be sure to let your car insurance agent know this. It can be important to update your policy to reflect these types of features.

Driving with one hand does not have to stop you. Consider the various ways you can update your vehicle to make it accessible and a better fit to your needs. You’ll appreciate being able to get out and explore the world when you do. Auto insurance can be there to help protect you along the way.