Applying Makeup While Driving

Did you know that applying makeup while driving is a type of reckless driving? Learn more about what risks you face when charged with careless driving.

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Applying Makeup While Driving

As you rush to get to work each morning, you may be one of the many people who use stop lights and traffic backups to complete tasks, such as applying makeup. However, applying makeup while driving can be a big risk and one you should avoid whenever possible. It may seem like a simple and no-problem situation, but it can be an opportunity for something to go wrong. You don’t want to face a ticket or a costly increase to your auto insurance costs. Here’s what you should know about applying makeup while behind the wheel.

Dangerous Driving While Applying Makeup

Is applying makeup really a form of dangerous driving? It can be. Most people would attribute dangerous driving to be speeding or driving on sidewalks. However, it is more common for people to engage in small tasks like this and cause an accident. That is because applying makeup while behind the wheel is a form of distracted driving. It is much like sending a text message or using a cell phone while you are driving. Because it takes your focus away from the road and what is happening around you, it can put you and other people at risk.


There are a few key things you should know about dangerous driving like this. Most importantly, even if it is very tempting to engage in it, there are a few key reasons why you simply don’t want to do it. Remember to think about other people who are on the road with you during this process.

Is Applying Makeup While Driving a Type of Careless Driving?

How can applying makeup, such as lipstick or mascara, really put other people at risk? Some people believe that applying makeup or engaging in other tasks while they are driving isn’t a problem as long as they can focus on the things happening around them. However, it is more common for people to focus on the makeup and miss the key opportunities on the roadway to avoid.


For example, if you are putting on lipstick, you are likely glancing into the mirror to do so. You have one hand on the wheel, and the other is applying the lipstick. This means you instantly are less capable of reacting quickly to what happens on the roadway. If someone were to run out in front of your car, you would have less time to react to that person. In addition to this, that moment’s glance away from the street and into the mirror puts you at risk of swerving, hitting an object, or otherwise driving recklessly.


It is because of these factors that tasks like applying makeup are considered a form of careless driving. Any type of activity that distracts you from the roadway is a form of careless driving.

Can You Get a Careless Driving Ticket for Applying Makeup?

Most of the time, the police will not (and in some cases cannot) pull you over for applying makeup. However, they can pull you over if you make a mistake while doing so. For example, as you apply your foundation, you may not notice your speed increasing a bit over the posted speed limit. Or, you may cross over the center line as you navigate the roadway due to looking in the mirror. In these types of situations, you can get pulled over and given a careless driving ticket for the risk.


In addition to this, consider what might happen if you did cause an accident. You may get a ticket for the accident if the police find you at fault. This is generally a reckless driving ticket. It can add points to your license. If you get too many points on your license, you may end up losing your driving privileges.

Why Makeup-Related Reckless Driving Could Increase Your Auto Insurance Costs

If you get a reckless driving ticket for careless driving like this, you could be responsible for fines and penalties. In addition to this, you could also see your auto insurance costs climb. Reckless driving is a moving violation. This means points are added to your license and your car insurance company learns of it. They may deem you to be a careless driver and increase your insurance costs as a result.


Additionally, if you cause an accident to occur, this could also increase your auto insurance costs. It may put you in a position to have to pay significantly more if the damage is significant.


While applying makeup may not seem like a big deal, doing it behind the wheel of a car is risky. Whenever possible apply it at home, in your driveway, or any other time when the car is parked out of the way of other drivers. Chances are good it will still only take a moment, but no one will be at risk in the process.