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What is an Insurance Policy Declaration Page in Car Insurance?

<lingo>An insurance policy's declaration page is usually the initial or front page of a policy. It contains basic information about the insured and the coverage the policy provides. Information included in the declaration page may include the insured's name and address and make and model of the covered vehicle. It will also likely include the vehicle identification number and coverage types and limits. The declaration page is also sometimes referred to as the “dec page” or the “information page”. It serves as the summary of coverage. </lingo>

Insurance Declaration Page Clearly and Briefly Explained

Insurance policies can be lengthy and detailed. They are designed to fully explain most aspects of what the policy covers and even include definitions and restrictions. Most consumers, however, want a simple, easy and straightforward way to better understand their coverage. The declarations page does this by providing policy basics right up front in the initial page of the document. It specifies who the policy is issued to and what vehicle or vehicles are covered under the policy.


<twitter>Insurance policy's declaration page makes it easier to compare coverages and to “shop around” by comparing policies.</twitter>



It will also show a summary of coverages contained in the policy. This not only makes it easier for a consumer to have access to general information but for an insurance agent to briefly review the policy. This also makes it easier to compare coverages and to “shop around” by comparing policies. While the policy itself is designed to provide details of coverage, the declaration page serves as a summary of the insured's coverage.