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What Is an Insurance Appraiser in Car Insurance?

<lingo>An insurance appraiser is a licensed professional who provides insight into the cause, type of repair, and the cost to repair after a covered incident occurs. Your insurance company hires an appraiser (or using an in-house professional) to come to your home to assess the damage you’ve suffered after a car incident. Their goal is to help determine if the insurance company should pay you for the losses and, if so, how much they should pay you. An insurance appraiser is used by most insurers for initial vehicle assessments, though many times additional information is needed from a repair technician as well.</lingo>

Insurance Appraiser Clearly and Briefly Explained

The job of an insurance appraiser, sometime called an insurance adjuster, is to see the vehicle and inspect it. In some situations, this licensed professional has the job of determining if the accident or damage you say has happened, actually happened, and then determines the cause of it. Insurance companies do this to determine if they should provide a payment to cover the cost of your losses. The initial job of the adjuster is to figure out if your policy covers the losses that occurred.


<twitter>The initial job of the adjuster is to figure out if your policy covers the losses that occurred.</twitter>



The second step is then for the insurance appraiser to determine how much it will cost to make the repairs to get the car back to the condition it was in. Sometimes, the damage is so significant that it may be too costly to do the repairs. In this case, the insurance appraiser may decide to total the vehicle. This would mean the company pays you the vehicle’s worth or the replacement value of that car right before the incident occurred. How much is paid out depends on the type of policy you own.


The insurance appraiser may need additional information. In some cases, he or she will encourage you to obtain a quote from a specialized technician or repair professional that has experience in the make or model of vehicle you own. Getting a quote from this person is necessary for the adjuster to make the decision about how much to pay you for the losses as well. This is common in car insurance cases because repairs can require extensive investigation before a quote can be provided.